Get Feedbacks from your iOS App directly to the bug tracker in Redmine

Redmine Feedbacks

Redmine Feedbacks is a simple MessageUI view which make the user of your iPhone App to send feedbacks directly to the tracker of your Redmine using Redmine REST-XML API.

Adding Redmine Feedbacks to your project

Just drag and drop the full RedmineFeedbacks folder into your XCode project. You should also need to add libz.dylib for TBXML, the XML parser I use (more on

Don’t forget to enable the REST API in your Redmine configuration (Administration -> Settings -> Authentication -> Enable REST web service)


Start by creating a new RedmineEndpoint configuration:

RedmineEndpoint *ep = [[RedmineEndpoint alloc] init];
ep.redmineURL = [NSURL URLWithString:@""];
ep.redmineUser = @"admin";
ep.redminePass = @"admin";
ep.redmineProjectIdentifier = @"test2";

(tracker and category selection is currently not handled)

Then create a new FeedbackViewController, set the endpoint you just create and present it (the view controller) modaly:

FeedbackViewController *feedbackvc = [[FeedbackViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"FeedbackViewController" bundle:nil];
feedbackvc.endpoint = ep;
[self presentModalViewController:feedbackvc animated:YES];


Whatever you want.


  • handle tracker
  • handle issue category
  • replace TBXML by a standard NSXMLParser
  • create the POST body in a more proper way
  • handle xml parsing error
  • handle the text view to not stand under the keyboard
  • handle a require property in each fields (currently just the subject is require to make the issue creation succed on Redmine)
  • handle the verification of a proper mail address.
  • iPad version

Any sugestion is welcome