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CMSIS-Pack Management for Eclipse

The CMSIS-Pack Management for Eclipse is created by ARM to provide a open-source reference implementation for the support of the CMSIS-Pack specification in the Eclipse environment. It implements the fundamentals to access the information and resources contained in Software Packs and can be re-used by the ARM eco-system in any type of tools, for example configuration utilities or development environments.

ARM is commited to maintain this CMSIS-Pack Management for Eclipse to ensure consistency with future extensions and modifications to the CMSIS-Pack Specification.

This release 2.0 provides the following functionality:

  • CMSIS Pack manager to install, remove, delete Packs as well as to import examples
  • creation and management of an CDT-based C/C++ projects
  • an editor for configuration files that use Configuration Wizard Annotations
  • version tracking of configuration files with merge functionality
  • integrated help based on Eclipse help framework
  • extensible interfaces to integrate the plug-ins into development environments

For evaluation you need CMSIS-Pack compliant Software Packs that are available for download from the CMSIS Pack Repository.

License: The software is provided under the Eclipse Public License Version 1.0. Contributions to this project are under the same license and there is no additional Contributor License Agreement (CLA) required.

Platform: This release of the CMSIS-Pack Management for Eclipse has been tested on Eclipse 4.4.0 (Luna) and 4.5.1 (Mars).

Source Code

This repository contains the source code of the CMSIS-Pack Management for Eclipse that consists of the following plug-ins:

  • com.arm.cmsis.pack - core responsible for loading pack data and managing the RTE (Run-Time Environment) configurations
  • com.arm.cmsis.pack.common - generic base code, constants and utilities
  • com.arm.cmsis.pack.ui - set of reusable GUI elements that can be used to manipulate pack and RTE data
  • com.arm.cmsis.pack.project - CDT project management
  • com.arm.cmsis.pack.installer - Pack management functionality back-end
  • com.arm.cmsis.pack.installer.ui - Pack management GUI
  • - Toolchain adapter extension point and generic adapter
  • - adapter for ARMCC 5.x toolchain (DS-MDK built-in)
  • - adapter for ARM GCC toolchain (DS-5 built-in)
  • - adapter for Cross ARM GNU toolchain:
  • com.arm.cmsis.config - Configuration Wizard editor
  • - integrated help
  • com.arm.cmsis.pack.refclient - a reference example for engineers integrating CMSIS-Pack plug-in into their development environments (not included in binary build)

Requirements: This release of the CMSIS-Pack Management for Eclipse requires JRE 1.8 to run and JDK 1.8 to build.

CMSIS-Pack Management Plug-In 1.0 has been presented at the Eclipse Conference Europe 2015


The presentation is available on YouTube, slides to download: Enhanced Project Management for Embedded C/C++ Programming using Software Components

Hands-On : Using the CMSIS-Pack Management Plug-In

Eclipse Plug-In Overview

Installing the CMSIS-Pack Management Plug-In

  1. Download the from corresponding release

  2. Use the Eclipse menu command: Help - Install New Software.... Click Add... and the Archive... and specify the location of the file.

  3. (Optional) Download com.arm.cmsis.pack.refclient_x.x.x.x.jar to dropin folder of your Eclipse installation.

Installing Software Packs the CMSIS-Pack Management Plug-In

  1. Start Eclipse with installed CMSIS-Pack Management Plug-In.

  2. Specify the location of the installed Software Packs with the Eclipse menu command Window - Preferences - CMSIS Packs. The CMSIS Pack root folder is the base directory, for example C:\Keil_v5\ARM\Pack.

  3. Switch to "CMSIS Pack Management perspective" and press Check Web "Check for Updates on Web" toolbar button

  4. Install required Packs using "Packs" view

  5. (Optional) Install supplied ARM.RefClient.0.2.0.pack to evaluate example importing functionality

Creating RTE project

  1. Open New C/C++ Project wizard using Elipse menu command File -> New -> Project... -> C/C++ -> C Project.

  2. In the first page specify Project name, select desired Toolchain and "CMSIS RTE C/C++ Project" type, press Next. NewProjectWizardTemplatePage

  3. In the second page select a Toolchain Adapter and press next. Select Adapter

    Note: CMSIS-Pack Eclipse plug-in contains adapters for the following toolchains:

    If one of those toolchains is selected in the first page, the matching adapter is selected automatically.

    For any other toolchain select Generic Toolchain Adapter and a toolchain family (defines component filtering). That does not set all required compiler options, but allows to experiment with RTE Project management.

  4. In the third page select a device from the installed Software Packs and press Finish or continue to the next pages. Select Device

  5. New C/C++ will be created and the RTE configuration editor will open. The editor allows you to select the Software Components that are available based on your device and compiler selection. You may change the component selection and use the Resolve toolbar button. Component Selection

  6. Save the configuration by pressing Save toolbar button. This will trigger project update. You can now investigate project content, compiler settings and build the project.

Refer to integrated help for further information

Copyright (c) 2014-2016, ARM Limited and Contributors. All rights reserved.

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