An unofficial app to manage your CloudAtCost Account. CloudAtCostApp is built using the CloudAtCost API and Ionic. Ionic is a front-end SDK based on Cordova/PhoneGap for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML 5. You can download the App from Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store:

Download on the App Store

If you have any suggestions or want to get in touch with us, you can chat with us on Gitter or tweet us at @CloudAtCostApp.

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How to run the app

To get started, check out Getting Started with Ionic. Here is a quick overview:

First, clone this git repository

$ git clone

Then download all dependencies using npm and bower

$ npm install -g cordova ionic ios-sim
$ npm install
$ bower install

Now you can preview the app in your browser. Using the –lab flag, you will see the iOS and android version side by side. Make sure you disable CORS in your browser while developing or HTTP requests won’t work.

$ ionic serve --lab

Now specify the platform to run your project on. Note: To run on iOS, you need a Mac.

$ ionic platform add ios
$ ionic platform add android

Now you can run the app in your emulator

$ ionic emulate ios
$ ionic emulate android

Invalid certificate

Before building for release on Android you need to change a file to accept cloudatcost’s invalid certificate:


public void onReceivedSslError(WebView view, SslErrorHandler handler, SslError error) {

    if (error.getPrimaryError() == 3 && error.getUrl().startsWith("")) {




This is an open source project, so please feel free to add new features



  • Fix requests not working on Android because of an invalid certificate


Features: - Loading indicators when creating a new server - Copy server fields by tapping and holding them

Fixes: - Templates are displayed correctly - Special characters in email addresses should now work

Changes: - Updated dependencies


Features: - Support for CloudPRO resources - View available resources and build or delete new servers right from within the app - Change runmode of a server - Search for a server

Changes: - Added icons for docker and FreeBSD templates - Improved the design of the pie-charts

Fixes: - The charts on the dashboard were sometimes not displayed properly - Performance improvements


  • Rename Servers
  • Modify reverse DNS


  • Added QR-Scanner


  • Initial release

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