Cnchi 0

A modern, flexible system installer for Linux


A modern, flexible system installer for Linux

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Current Status

This is the latest, unreleased version of Cnchi, AKA: Cnchi Next.

Development Stage Branch Version Code Status
Cnchi Legacy 0.12.x v0.12.46 Frozen
Cnchi Stable 0.14.x v0.14.180 Bug Fixes Only
Cnchi Next master v0.15.246 Active Development


$ cnchi

Optional parameters:

Command Description
-c or --cache Use pre-downloaded xz packages when possible
-d or --debug Sets Cnchi log level to ‘debug’
-e or --environment Sets the Desktop Environment that will be installed, see for options
-f or --force Runs cnchi even if it detects that another instance is running
-i or --disable-tryit Disables first screen’s ‘try it’ option
-n or --no-check Makes checks optional in check screen
-p or --packagelist Install the packages referenced by a local xml instead of the defaults, see #617 for proper usage
-s or --log-server Choose to which log server send Cnchi logs. Expects a hostname or an IP address
-u or --update Upgrade/downgrade Cnchi to the web version
--disable-update Do not search for new Cnchi versions online
--disable-rank-mirrors Does not attempt to rank Arch and Antergos mirrors during installation
-v or --verbose Show logging messages to stdout
-V or --version Show Cnchi version and quit
-z or --z_hidden Show options in development (for developers only, do not use this!)

To create logs to help debug problems:

$ cnchi -dv -s bugsnag

Reporting bugs:

Please report any issues with Cnchi in the issue tracker. Provide all log files along with a detailed description:

  • /tmp/cnchi.log
  • /tmp/postinstall.log (if it exists)
  • /tmp/pacman.log (if it exists)


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Dependency information is available here.

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