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Internationalization (i18n) library for Ruby

h1. Ruby I18n

Ruby Internationalization and localization solution.


  • translation and localization
  • interpolation of values to translations (Ruby 1.9 compatible syntax)
  • pluralization (CLDR compatible)
  • customizable transliteration to ASCII
  • flexible defaults
  • bulk lookup
  • lambdas as translation data
  • custom key/scope separator
  • custom exception handlers
  • extensible architecture with a swappable backend

Pluggable features:

  • Cache
  • Pluralization: lambda pluralizers stored as translation data
  • Locale fallbacks, RFC4647 compliant (optionally: RFC4646 locale validation)
  • Gettext support
  • Translation metadata

Alternative backends:

  • Chain
  • ActiveRecord (optionally: ActiveRecord::Missing and ActiveRecord::StoreProcs)
  • KeyValue (uses active_support/json and cannot store procs)

For more information and lots of resources see: “http://rails-i18n.org/wiki”:http://rails-i18n.org/wiki

h2. Installation

gem install i18n

h3. Installation on Rails < 2.3.5 (deprecated)

Up to version 2.3.4 Rails will not accept i18n gems > 0.1.3. There is an unpacked gem inside of active_support/lib/vendor which gets loaded unless gem ‘i18n’, ‘~> 0.1.3’. This requirement is relaxed in “6da03653”:http://github.com/rails/rails/commit/6da03653

The new i18n gem can be loaded from vendor/plugins like this:

def reload_i18n! raise “Move to i18n version 0.2.0 or greater” if Rails.version > “2.3.4”

$:.grep(/i18n/).each { |path| $:.delete(path) }
I18n::Backend.send :remove_const, "Simple"
$: << Rails.root.join('vendor', 'plugins', 'i18n', 'lib').to_s


Then you can reload_i18n! inside an i18n initializer.

h2. Tests

You can run tests both with

  • rake test or just rake
  • run any test file directly, e.g. ruby test/api/simple_test.rb
  • run all tests with ruby test/all.rb

The structure of the test suite is a bit unusual as it uses modules to reuse particular tests in different test cases.

The reason for this is that we need to enforce the I18n API across various combinations of extensions. E.g. the Simple backend alone needs to support the same API as any combination of feature and/or optimization modules included to the Simple backend. We test this by reusing the same API defition (implemented as test methods) in test cases with different setups.

You can find the test cases that enforce the API in test/api. And you can find the API definition test methods in test/api/tests.

All other test cases (e.g. as defined in test/backend, test/core_ext) etc. follow the usual test setup and should be easy to grok.

h2. Authors

h2. Contributors


h2. License

MIT License. See the included MIT-LICENSE file.

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