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Basic module for configuring nginx via puppet

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Nginx Recipe

Author : Benoit CATTIE [email protected] Version : 0.2 Licence : Apache

Basic module for configuring nginx via puppet.

Based in part on apache2 module code by Sam Quigley [email protected], Tim Stoop [email protected] and David Schmitt [email protected]

Class: nginx

Parameters (used in nginx.conf.erb) :

  • $nginx_user. Defaults to 'www-data'.
  • $nginx_worker_processes. Defaults to '1'.
  • $nginx_worker_connections. Defaults to '1024'.

Install nginx. Create config directories :

  • /etc/nginx/conf.d for http config snippet
  • /etc/nginx/includes for sites includes
  • /etc/nginx/sites-enabled
  • /etc/nginx/sites-available
  • /etc/nginx/ssl

Provide 4 definitions :

  • nginx::config (http config snippet)
  • nginx::site (http site)
  • nginx::site_include (site includes)
  • nginx::fcgi::site (fcgi php site)


  • nginx.conf.erb => /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

Define nginx::config

Installs a config snippet in /etc/nginx/conf.d.

Parameters :

  • ensure: typically set to "present" or "absent". Defaults to "present"
  • content: set the content of the config snipppet. Defaults to 'template("nginx/${name}.conf.erb")'
  • order: specifies the load order for this config snippet. Defaults to "500"

Define: nginx::site

Install a nginx site in /etc/nginx/sites-available (and symlink in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled).

Parameters :

  • ensure: typically set to "present" or "absent". Defaults to "present"
  • content: site definition (should be a template).

Define: nginx::site_include

Define: site_include

Define a site config include in /etc/nginx/includes

Parameters :

  • ensure: typically set to "present" or "absent". Defaults to "present"
  • content: include definition (should be a template).

Class nginx::fcgi

Manage nginx fcgi configuration. Provide nginx::fcgi::site

Templates :

  • nginx/includes/fastcgi_params.erb

Define: nginx::fcgi::site

Create a fcgi site config from template using parameters. You can use my php5-fpm class to manage fastcgi servers.

Parameters :

  • ensure: typically set to "present" or "absent". Defaults to "present"
  • root: document root (Required)
  • index: nginx index directive. Defaults to "index.php"
  • fastcgi_pass : port or socket on which the FastCGI-server is listening (Required)
  • server_name : server_name directive (could be an array)
  • listen : address/port the server listen to. Defaults to 80. Auto enable ssl if 443
  • access_log : custom acces logs. Defaults to /var/log/nginx/$name_access.log
  • include : custom include for the site (could be an array). Include files must exists to avoid nginx reload errors. Use with nginx::site_include
  • ssl_certificate : ssl_certificate path. If empty auto-generating ssl cert
  • ssl_certificate_key : ssl_certificate_key path. If empty auto-generating ssl cert key See http://wiki.nginx.org for details.

Templates :

  • nginx/fcgi_site.erb

Sample Usage :

    include nginx
    include nginx::fcgi

    nginx::fcgi::site {"default":
            root            => "/var/www/nginx-default",
            fastcgi_pass    => "",
            server_name     => ["localhost", "$hostname", "$fqdn"],

    nginx::fcgi::site {"default-ssl":
            listen          => "443",
            root            => "/var/www/nginx-default",
            fastcgi_pass    => "",
            server_name     => "$fqdn",


  • v0.2 : * ssl support

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