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Download data from the Best Buy Catalog API in bulk from the command line.

Get an API key at

Best Buy CLI Tool


npm install --global bestbuy-cli

Can’t install node? Download a standalone executable from the GitHub Releases page!


>bestbuy --help

Best Buy Bulk Download Tool (

Usage: bestbuy [resource] [options]

      bestbuy categories
      bestbuy products --query "active=true" --show "name,sku" --output products.json
      bestbuy stores --format xml --output stores.xml

    resource              resource to download: products, categories, stores
    --query, -q           use a custom query to filter the results
    --show, -s            fields to show
    --sort, -r            sort results by fields (comma separated)
    --key, -k             Best Buy API key (default: "BBY_API_KEY environment variable")
    --format, -f          format of the response as json, xml, csv or tsv (default: "json")
    --output, -o          name of file to send output (optional; If not present, out will go to stdout)
    --bare, -b            newline delimited - each item on own line without extra cruft (default: false)
    --version, -v         show version information
    --help, -h            show help

Visit the Best Buy API Documentation for more details on writing custom queries.