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An open source status page system for everyone.

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Cachet is a beautiful and powerful open source status page system.


You can now join our Slack community!


  • List your service components
  • Report incidents
  • Customise the look of your status page
  • Markdown support for incident messages
  • A powerful JSON API
  • Metrics
  • Multi-lingual
  • Subscriber notifications via email
  • Two factor authentication


  • PHP 5.6.4+ or newer
  • HTTP server with PHP support (eg: Apache, Nginx, Caddy)
  • Composer
  • A supported database: MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite

Installation, Upgrades and Documentation

You can find documentation at

Here are some useful quick links:

Demo Account

To test out the demo, you may login to the Dashboard with the following:

The demo resets every 30 minutes.

Translate Cachet

If you’d like to contribute translations, please check out our CrowdIn project.

Professional Installation Service

We offer a professional installation service. To find out more, email us at [email protected]

Security Vulnerabilities

If you discover a security vulnerability within Cachet, please send an e-mail to us at [email protected] We handle all security vulnerabilities on a case-by-case basis.

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package version
axios ^0.16.2
vue ^2.4.2
dev animate-sass git+
autosize ^3.0.20
bootstrap-sass ^3.3.6
chart.js ^2.4.0
cross-env ^3.2.3
eonasdan-bootstrap-datetimepicker ^4.17.46
es5-shim ^4.5.9
github-markdown-css ^2.3.0
ionicons ~2.0
jquery ^2.2.4
jquery-minicolors ^2.1.10
jquery-serializeobject ^1.0.0
jquery-sparkline ^2.4.0
laravel-mix 0.*
livestamp git+
lodash ^4.17.4
messenger git+
moment ^2.17.1
promise ^7.3.1
sortablejs ^1.5.1
sweetalert2 ^6.6.6


-   v2.3.10 zip tar
-   v2.3.9 zip tar
-   v2.3.8 zip tar
-   v2.3.7 zip tar
-   v2.3.6 zip tar
-   v2.3.5 zip tar
-   v2.3.4 zip tar
-   v2.3.3 zip tar
-   v2.3.2 zip tar
-   v2.3.1 zip tar
-   v2.3.0 zip tar
-   v2.3.0-RC6 zip tar
-   v2.3.0-RC5 zip tar
-   v2.3.0-RC4 zip tar
-   v2.3.0-RC3 zip tar
-   v2.3.0-RC2 zip tar
-   v2.3.0-RC1 zip tar
-   v2.2.4 zip tar
-   v2.2.3 zip tar
-   v2.2.2 zip tar
-   v2.2.1 zip tar
-   v2.2.0 zip tar
-   v2.2.0-RC1 zip tar
-   v2.1.2 zip tar
-   v2.1.1 zip tar
-   v2.1.0 zip tar
-   v2.1.0-RC2 zip tar
-   v2.1.0-RC1 zip tar
-   v2.0.4 zip tar
-   v2.0.3 zip tar