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This repository is a collection of plugins for MvvmCross. Currently it consists of the following plugins:

  • DeviceInfo A plugin for getting information about your device, such as screen dimensions, device id, firmware version, memory, type and more.
  • Connectivity A plugin for getting network information and status. aritchie’s plugin is a great alternative to this plugin.
  • Settings A plugin for saving simple key/value kind of settings into persistant storage
  • SimpleWebToken A plugin to create SimpleWebToken’s from raw representations and to generate your own.
  • SMS A simple task to send SMS using default/install SMS applications on device.
  • More to come! If you have a good idea, feel free to pitch it with me.

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Major contributors will be listed below.


For the moment look at the samples. More detailed docs will come in the Wiki (when someone adds it).

Other MvvmCross plugins

Other people are doing MvvmCross plugins as well and I think it is great to mention them, as they might have a useful plugin for your MvvmCross project.

Dev Plugin
Kerry Street Street.MvxPlugins
James Montemagno for ceton Mvx.Plugins.Settings
Geoffrey Huntley Ghuntley.MvxPlugins.FaceTime
Artur Rybak IHS.MvvmCross.Plugins.Keychain
Allan Ritchie acrmvvmcross
SeeD-Seifer Mvx.Geocoder
ChristianRuiz MvvmCross-SecureStorage
ChristianRuiz MvvmCross-ControlsNavigation


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