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Angular Directives for Semantic UI

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This library provides over 100 Angular directives for building Semantic UI elements, collections, views & modules.

Check out the Documentation where you can see examples similar to those on except with angular directives.


The easiest way to install this binding is with bower or npm:

  • bower: bower install semantic-ui-angular-jquery
  • npm: npm install semantic-ui-angular-jquery


Like Semantic UI, you can include only the modules you need - or all of them.


  • Semantic-UI (which depends on jQUery)
  • AngularJS

Global DevDependencies

  • gulp


$ npm install --dev
$ gulp


Any form of contribution is welcome, whether it be a bug report, a feature request, a feature implementation, a bug fix, or even an example usage or additional test. The contribution is welcome and appreciated.

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