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A gradle plugin providing tasks to close and promote/release staged repositories. It allows to do a full artifacts release to Maven Central through Sonatype OSSRH (OSS Repository Hosting) without the need to use Nexus GUI (to close and promote artifacts/repository).

Quick start

Add gradle-nexus-staging-plugin to the buildscript dependencies in your build.gradle file for root project:

buildscript {
    repositories {
        //Needed only for SNAPSHOT versions
        //maven { url "" }
    dependencies {
        classpath ""

Apply the plugin:

apply plugin: ''

Configure it:

nexusStaging {
    packageGroup = "org.mycompany.myproject" //optional if packageGroup == project.getGroup()
    stagingProfileId = "yourStagingProfileId" //when not defined will be got from server using "packageGroup"

After successful archives upload (with maven, maven-publish or nexus plugin) to Sonatype OSSRH call:

./gradlew closeAndPromoteRepository

to close staging repository and promote/release it and its artifacts. If a synchronization with Maven Central was enabled the artifacts should automatically appear into Maven Central within several minutes.

Multi-project build

The plugin itself does not upload any artifacts. It only closes/promotes a repository with all already uploaded using the maven or maven-publish plugin artifacts (in the same or previous Gradle execution). Therefore it is enough to apply only on the root project in a multi-project build.


The plugin provides three main tasks:

  • closeRepository - closes open repository with uploaded artifacts. There should be just one open repository available in the staging profile (possible old/broken repositories can be dropped with Nexus GUI)
  • promoteRepository - promotes/releases closed repository (required to put artifacts to Maven Central)
  • closeAndPromoteRepository - closes and promotes/releases repository (an equivalent to closeRepository promoteRepository)

And one additional:

  • getStagingProfile - gets and displays staging profile id for given package group. This is a diagnostic task to get the value and put it into the configuration closure as stagingProfileId.

It has to be mentioned that calling Nexus REST API ends immediately, but the closing operation takes a moment, so to make it possible to call closeRepository promoteRepository together (or closeAndPromoteRepository) there is a built-in retry mechanism.


The plugin defines the following configuration properties in the nexusStaging closure:

  • serverUrl (optional) - stable release repository - by default Sonatype OSSRH -
  • username (optional) - username to the server
  • password (optional) - password
  • packageGroup (optional) - package group as registered in Nexus staging profile - by default set to a project group (has to be overridden if packageGroup in Nexus was requested for a few packages in the same domain)
  • stagingProfileId (optional) - staging profile used to release given project - can be get with getStagingProfile task - when not set one additional request is set to Nexus server to determine the value using packageGroup
  • numberOfRetries (optional) - number of retries when waiting for a repository to change a state - by default 7
  • delayBetweenRetriesInMillis (optional) - delay between retries - by default 1000 milliseconds

For sensible configuration example see the plugin’s own release configuration in build.gradle.

Server credentials

Production Nexus instances usually require user to authenticate before perform staging operations. In nexus-staging plugin there are a few ways to provide credentials: - manually set username and password in a nexusStaging configuration closure (probably reading them from Gradle or system properties) - provide authentication section in MavenDeloyer (from Gradle maven plugin) - it will be reused by nexus-staging plugin - set Gradle properties nexusUsername abd nexusPassword (via command line or ~/.gradle/ - properties with these names are also used by gradle-nexus-plugin

The first matching strategy win. If you need to set empty password use '' (empty string) instead of null.

Additional information

The released version is available as a technology preview and it definitely will be evolving breaking backward compatibility. Please take it into account before using it in production.

Project changelog

The plugin is licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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