The (un)official Todoist javascript API library


The (un)official Todoist javascript API library

A javascript client for Todoist Sync API with full support of endpoint resources. This is an adaptation from Todoist official Python lib.

How to start

install the package npm install todoist-js --save into your project


import the API

import TodoistAPI from 'todoist-js'

Create an instance providing an access token (how to get an access token?)

const todoist = new TodoistAPI('xxxxxxxxxx');

Get productivity stats

todoist.completed.get_stats().then(stats => {

🚀 You can see full list of capabilities in action into tests folder

Try out the lib by cloning this Runkit notebook

Implementation opportunities

  • Web apps or sites.
  • Web plugins for content managers like Wordpress, Joomla, etc.
  • Browsers add-ons.
  • Mobile world with hybrid apps frameworks like react-native, Ionic and others.
  • Node.js on server side and universal javascript apps.
  • Web components for libs like Reactjs, Angular and more.
  • Integration with desktop applications, applets, widgets and all those that support javascript.
  • Can you think of any other?


Official API Docs for developers

What’s next

  • [x] Implement a demo app using this library. this is Asist, it can autenticate, sync, fetch and complete tasks from Todoist.
  • [ ] Implement a web oAuth2 process and document it.
  • [ ] Test browsers compatibility.
  • [ ] Test compatibility with Node.

Development / Testing

Clone this repo git clone [email protected]:Cosmitar/todoist-js.git.

This repo includes a Jest suite of tests, used for TDD. Before start, make sure you create a .env file (you can use .env-example as template) and complete, as minimum requirement, the variable ACCESS_TOKEN with a valid user access token (how to get an access token?). Then, install all dev dependencies by running npm install

❌ Do not run all tests together with npm run test or you’ll get a max request limit per seconds error.

Run each suite independently like:

npm run test -t api.spec.js

npm run test -t completed.spec.js

npm run test -t filter.spec.js and so on.

❗ Some tests can fail due to restrictions in your account if you’re not premium.

If you want to test share.spec.js you need first to include a 2nd access token (from a different user) into .env file, using variable ALTERNATIVE_ACCOUNT_ACCESS_TOKEN


Pull requests and issues are welcome. If you’ve found an bug, please open an issue.



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