This is a blog-diary of a complete Guide of Computer Science and Web Dev.


Hello, I’m Mr.Meeseeks look at me! (Just kidding, this is from Rick and Morty series).

Let’s try again,

What is this?

Hello, I am learning javascript (and a bunch of other stuff) and I’m following a guide which I saw in FreeCodeCamp’s forums here: https://forum.freecodecamp.com/t/computer-guide-computer-science-and-web-development-comprehensive-path/64470/52 This P1xt’s guide makes sure you really learn in depth Computer Science and Web Development (CS and WD).

So what?

So, I’m writing a blog from a totally beginner perspective. You can see notes, struggles, thoughts and maybe progress. Things I’ve struggled at the time I was doing it and things I’m working/struggling right now. Thoughts of frustations, thoughts of anxiety. Thoughts of interesting amazing things and thoughts of me building confidence. You can watch here the journey of a step-by-step procedure about this P1xt’s guide to become a CS and WD expert.

Hum, ok, go on...

I really hope that I can make your life easier or less difficult by sharing these moments with you. When you are in your learning phase with any kind of material, you have a lot of emotions and thoughts about the learning process. Sharing them will benefit not only yourself but with the one who you are sharing with as well. Specially when it concerns those more intense moments of frustration, impatience and anger. I’m also studying Psychology in Minho University (Portugal, graduate student, currently studying for PhD) so I know something about expressing emotions, its benefits and some tricks to a successful learning process.

Final notes

Throughout this journey, if you see something not very well written, try to ignore it. I’m not that proficient in english. If you want to be a very kind guy, you can contact me wherever the platform so I could fix it. Actually any reason to contact me is a good one, if you want to have a more direct experience or to ask for some advice, please! It’s my pleasure!

e-mail:[email protected]

Good Readinnggs, Good Learninggs!
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub !(Oh haven't you seen Rick and Morty yet?)

Rogério Dalot

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This is a blog-diary of a complete Guide of Computer Science and Web Dev. ...