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‹ᴜɴᴍᴀɪɴᴛᴀɪɴᴇᴅ› A Ruby module for accessing the ncurses library

3 years after LGPL-2.1

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This is a RubyGem installation of Tobias Herzke's ncurses-ruby. It has been modified slightly in various ways, and is intended to continue the life of the otherwise apparently defunct project.

Since it is now on GitHub, feel free to fork and contribute to the project, it would be much appreciated.

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The simplest way to install this gem is via GitHub's gem repository. First, you have to add this repository to your RubyGem sources, if you haven't already:

gem sources -a

Next, you can simply install the gem directly from my repository:

gem install elliottcable-ncurses

There have been reports of the gem failing to build on some systems. This will be investigated in more detail at a later date, but for now, I’ll provide the ./configure line I know to work on my Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard system:

./configure --prefix=/usr/local \
  --without-cxx --without-cxx-binding --without-ada --without-progs --without-curses-h \
  --with-shared --without-debug \
  --enable-widec --enable-const --enable-ext-colors --enable-sigwinch --enable-wgetch-events \
&& make


If you're more interested in the project, and desire to work with its sources, you can clone them using git:

git clone git:// elliottcable-ncurses

There are rake tasks for compiling and building the source, using Echoe. You'll need to install it to build and compile this gem:

gem install echoe
rake package:compile # Compiles the C extensions into lib/
rake package:package # Packages the RubyGem into pkg/
rake package:install # Packages the RubyGem and `sudo gem install`s it
rake -T              # To list other tasks

There are no specs as of yet (ncurses-ruby never had any, and I don't currently have the time to write an entire test suite for this), so I'd ask that you take the archaic method of making sure whatever you add/change works: run it/use it in a bunch of different ways. d-:

If you're really awesome, you could write said test suite!

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        "Echoe, a better RubyGem packaging tool"


  • Wrap all the methods listed as "not wrapped" in the original ncurses-ruby TODO file
  • Write a test / spec suite
  • Clean up the code


Contributions to this project by GitHub members, including myself (elliottcable) can be tracked on GitHub.

The vast majority of the work in this project was done by the original ncurses-ruby authors. Their names can be found in the original ncurses-ruby THANKS file. The contents of that file follow:

  • Tobias Herzke
  • Simon Kaczor
  • Akinori Musha
  • Jan Becvar
  • Juergen Daubert
  • Doug Kearns
  • Hiroshi Sainohira
  • Andreas Schwarz
  • Simon Strandgaard
  • Paul Duncan
  • Tim Sutherland

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