IoT project Android client

UMBC IoT Project Android Client

Install a latest version of the app from release list here.

  • In the current mode of deployment, the app will work, if you are near one of our beacons in the Information Technology and Engineering building at UMBC.
  • If you are near one of them, you will be able to query our Knowledge Base using voice commands or through text input.
  • It’s an AMA app, enabling you to ask queries about UMBC.

Future goals: * Depending on your context, you will be able to see a list of queries that you may ask. + For Professor’s office: Name of the professor, office hours and subjects taught in current semester + For lab: Name of the Professor running the lab, type of research going on in the lab, people involved in the research. + For conference Room: Current status of the room, option for booking the room, one day schedule of the room. + Department office: List of the people along with their job duties. * Inclusion of CoBrA for providing the client(app/user) a list of services in a smart space. * Security and privacy policy enforcement for service provider as well as client.

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