Websom is a high level php framework built from the ground up with speed, modularity, ease, and fun in mind. Websom comes with a number of nice easy to use features, here are just a few: * Input tool for building forms that self validate on the client and server. * Resource manager that lets you define rules for including javascript and css files locally and externally, all automatically. * Module system makes it easy to use other developers modules and tools seamlessly and efficiently. * Themes are flexible and easy to use providing buttons, sliders, tabs, modals, and more. While letting you switch and control them without losing structure. * Console for controlling Websom. * Exporter that will automatically minify css and javascript files. * Responsive class lets you talk between the client and server quickly and easily. * MySql data tool kit that uses prepared statements. * And so much more.

How to use websom


  • An apache server with php 7 or greater installed.
  • A basic understanding of php.


  • Download the websom installer from this page.
  • Then move the downloaded php file into your server www directory.


  • Now open the install.php file in a browser.
  • Once it says complete go ahead and delete the install.php file.


  • To make sure you are up and running go to the console.php in a browser. If you are using a local server go to http://localhost/console.php
  • In the black box type ver and hit enter.
  • This should output a version number.


  • Use the resources tab on this page to view tutorials and documentation.


websom is licensed under the Mit license.

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