a back-end api for CVLH written in Java1.8

Computer Vision Lab of HAZU - Back End


This repository is designed for later research in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Mining. It includes web spider, RESTful back-end API and so on.


To make use of this repository, you should have several softwares installed on your machine. 1. JDK1.8 or higer 2. Python3.X is required(Python3.5 or 3.6 is recommended) 3. Maven support 4. MySQL should be 5.7 or higher 5. Tomcat 8 or higher (Ngix will also be fine) 6. In order to handle with captcha, you should have tessdata directory in your project

Third Party Library

To make this repo works normally, you’d better have several 3rd party library installed on your machine 1. BeautifulSoup4 2. requests 3. jieba


For later research, TensorFlow is required, so you’d better have CUDA, cuDNN and TensorFlow installed on your machine.

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a back-end api for CVLH written in Java1.8 ...