Another fucking c# Steamworks implementation


Another fucking c# Steamworks implementation


The Steamworks C# implementations I found that were compatible with Unity have worked for a long time. But I hate them all. For a number of different reasons.

  • They’re not C#, they’re just a collection of functions.
  • They’re not up to date.
  • They require a 3rd party native dll.
  • They can’t be compiled into a standalone dll (in Unity).
  • They have a license.

C# is meant to make things easier. So lets try to wrap it up in a way that makes it all easier.


So say you want to print a list of your friends?

foreach ( var friend in client.Friends.All )
    Console.WriteLine( "{0}: {1}", friend.Id, friend.Name );

But what if you want to get a list of friends playing the same game that we’re playing?

foreach ( var friend in client.Friends.All.Where( x => x.IsPlayingThisGame ) )
    Console.WriteLine( "{0}: {1}", friend.Id, friend.Name );

You can view examples of everything in the Facepunch.Steamworks.Test project.



Compile and add the library to your project. To create a client you can do this.

var client = new Facepunch.Steamworks.Client( 252490 );

Replace 252490 with the appid of your game. This should be a singleton - you should only create one client, right at the start of your game.

The client is disposable, so when you’re closing your game should probably call..


Or use it in a using block if you can.


To create a server do this.

var server = new Facepunch.Steamworks.Server( 252490, 0, 28015, true, "MyGame453" );

This will register a secure server for game 252490, any ip, port 28015. Again, more usage in the Facepunch.Steamworks.Test project.


Wanna help? Go for it, pull requests, bug reports, yes, do it.


MIT - do whatever you want.

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