A simple app for making polls easily on your django website.



Django-MiniPoll is a django application who allow you to put a mini poll or survey on your website.

You create a question, you give it some choices, you publish and yours visitors can answer to the question.

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After having put minipoll in your PYTHON_PATH, you only have to register minipoll in your INSTALLED_APPS section. And register this bundle of urls in project’s urls. ::

url(r’^polls/‘, include(‘minipoll.urls’)),

Synchronize your database, publish a poll and this is it.


Django-MiniPoll provides 3 templatetags for displaying the polls on your website.

  • display_poll_form

This tag if for publishing a poll form for user submissions.

  • display_poll_result

You can display the results of the poll by putting this tag on your pages.

  • display_last_poll

For simply including the latest poll in your website. If an user as already vote, the results are displayed else the poll form.

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