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COM1000 (Challenge-O-Mattic 1000)

Free Code Camp’s Challenge Editor


Users should only download the production version of COM1000, master is not guaranteed to be safe. This will alter the challenge files in your Free Code Camp /seed/challenges directory!

Initial Setup

  • Clone this repo to the same directory where your Free Code Camp directory is (ex> /Users/terakilobyte/Developer)
    • The directory should be something like: /Users/terakilobyte/Developer |- freecodecamp \- COM1000
    • git clone
  • cd COM1000 && npm install
  • <yourFCC_FOLDER_NAME> is whatever you named your Free Code Camp repo locally(mine is freecodecamp).
  • echo 'FCC_FOLDER_NAME = "<yourFCC_FOLDER_NAME>"' >> .env
  • (Optional) Add PORT = XXXX in .env file to change the default port from 3000 to XXXX
  • npm run build

To Run

  • npm start


All prs should be filed against the master branch.
Once the master branch is deemed necessary to be pushed into the production branch a pr will be made and QA’d

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