2016 Curriculum Update

Free Code Camp is expanding its challenges to better prepare campers for our project challenges.


Will this still be 1,200 hours of challenges + 800 hours of nonprofit projects?


When will these new challenges go live?

We are aiming for September 16.

What percentage of the current challenges will remain?

Almost 100% of the old challenges will remain. We are just expanding them.

What are the main changes?

We are integrating more applied theory: visual design, user experience design, accessibility, testing, and security. We are also placing less emphasis on convenience tools like jQuery and Bootstrap, and more emphasis on core skills like JavaScript and CSS.

This sounds extremely ambitious. How will you finish all this by September?

First we’ll focus on building coding challenges around each topic’s more general concepts. Then, after we launch these new challenges, we’ll gradually fill in the gaps with additional challenges that cover more specific concepts.

What is the development road map?

  1. Create titles that specify the individual concept that each interactive coding challenge should introduce
  2. Agree on a sequence for these challenges
  3. Designate a “topic owner” for each topic who will be responsible for overseeing its contributions
  4. Start building challenges
  5. Integrate the challenges, QA, and launch them all at once in order to minimize confusion

This repository

We’ve created this repository to house the GitHub issues for our curriculum expansion.

Rather than try to build the challenges individually and integrate them into our JSON seed files, we’re going to design them right here on GitHub.

Then one person will go in and manually add them to the seed files. This will not only minimize merge conflicts, it will make contributing challenges much easier.

Each of these topics (e.g. “Security”, “Applied Visual Design”) will have a single “topic owner” who manages the process of coordinating contributions to that topic. They will come up with a list of topics to cover (erring on the side of more challenges and more repetition), then look at submitted challenges (replies to the GitHub issue) and check off those challenges’ checkboxes. They will also make sure we keep making progress on the topic.

If you have questions about this process, create a new GitHub issue here with the question. Happy challenge designing!

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