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The open source codebase and curriculum. Learn to code and help nonprofits.

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Welcome to freeCodeCamp’s open source codebase and curriculum!

freeCodeCamp is a friendly open source community where you learn to code and help nonprofits.

We help our campers build job-worthy portfolios of real apps used by real people, while helping nonprofits.

You start by working through our self-paced, browser-based full stack JavaScript curriculum.

By working through our curriculum, you can earn four certifications:

1. Front End Certification

The first section will teach you the basics of how webpages work and also introduce you to JavaScript programming.

Skills you’ll practice include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap.

To earn this certification, you’ll build 10 front-end projects and implement many JavaScript algorithms.

2. Data Visualization Certification

The second section builds upon the first and introduces you to more advanced topics such as Sass, React and D3.

To earn this certification, you’ll build 5 React-apps and 5 Data visualization apps using D3.js.

3. Back End Certification

The third section introduces you to back end development using Node.js, Express, and MongoDB. It also teaches you about the important concept of source control using Git.

To earn this certification, you’ll build 5 APIs and 5 full stack apps.

We will accept solutions implemented in any programming language, as long as both a live demo and the source code are publicly accessible.

4. Full Stack Certification

The fourth section is where you’ll get real-world experience by working on projects for nonprofits. We’ll pair you with another camper, an agile project manager, and a stakeholder from a nonprofit organization. Together, you’ll plan, build and maintain apps that help that nonprofit carry out its mission more effectively.

For this certification, you’ll work on two projects from scratch and then maintain/upgrade two existing projects.

This code is running live at We also have Gitter chat rooms, a Medium publication, an interactive forum, a wiki knowledgebase, and even a YouTube channel.

Join our community here.

Found a bug?

Do not file an issue until you have followed these steps:

  1. Read the Help I’ve Found a Bug article and follow its instructions.
  2. Ask for confirmation in the appropriate Help Room.
  3. Please do not open an issue without a 3rd party confirmation of your problem.


We welcome pull requests from freeCodeCamp campers (our students) and seasoned JavaScript developers alike! Please follow these steps to contribute.


Copyright © 2017 freeCodeCamp.

The content of this repository bound by the following LICENSE(S) - The computer software is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause. - The curricular content as in the ./seed/challenges or subdirectories and our wiki are licensed under the CC-BY-SA-4.0

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The open source codebase and curriculum. Learn to code and help nonprofits. ...

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