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Use the FOSHttpCache library in your Symfony projects


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This bundle offers tools to improve HTTP caching with Symfony2. It provides global configuration options to set caching headers based on the path, controller and other aspects of the request. In addition, it provides services for the FOSHttpCache library tools to actively invalidate caching proxies and some additional tools that can help when working with a caching proxy.


  • Set path-based cache expiration headers via your app configuration;
  • Set up an invalidation scheme without writing PHP code;
  • Tag your responses and invalidate cache based on tags;
  • Send invalidation requests with minimal impact on performance;
  • Differentiate caches based on user type (e.g. roles);
  • Easily implement your own HTTP cache client.


Documentation is available at Read the Docs.


This bundle is fully functional with Varnish and used in production in several systems. With Nginx, many features are supported too.

Work for using the Symfony built-in HttpCache is in progress.

See the GitHub issues if you are interested in the development of this bundle.


This bundle is released under the MIT license. See the included LICENSE file for more information.

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Use the FOSHttpCache library in your Symfony projects ...



DEPRECATED! This bundle is superseded by FOSHttpCacheBundle. A migration guide is in the README of LiipCacheControlBundle ...

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