Up-to-date JSON dataset of all WWDC Sessions (videos, slides, transcripts, tags)

WWDC Session Dataset

Why? :bulb:

Because, who doesn’t like scraping!?

I built the dataset because I found out that a lot of applications/utilities that deal with WWDC session data, often get broken when Apple updates their websites and links. That’s still going to keep happening, but now those apps can point to the relevant dataset files and the community can keep those up-to-date.

The code used to build the dataset is also available so that it can be kept updated.

Format :page_facing_up:

    "title" : "Building Concurrent User Interfaces on iOS",
    "year" : "2012",
    "code" : "211",
    "abstract" : "For a great user experience, it's essential to keep your applications... without blocking user interaction.",
    "tags" : ["iOS"],
    "sd_video" : "http://developer.apple.com/video_sd.mp4",
    "hd_video" : "http://developer.apple.com/video_hd.mp4",
    "slides" : "http://developer.apple.com/slides.pdf",
    "transcript" : [{start: 84.0, end: 86.0, text: "Devices are great"}, ..., {{start: 3000.0, end: 3001.0, text: "The end"}}]

Because the transcripts are quite heavy, two versions of the dataset are provided, one with transcripts and one with an empty array of transcripts.

Year Size (no transcripts) Size (with transcripts) JSON (no transcripts) JSON (transcripts)
2011 98 KB 2011
2012 99 KB 2012
2013 73 KB 2013
2014 83 KB 2014
2015 85 KB 7.7 MB 2015 2015


Contributing :construction_worker:

What’s missing

  • Session data for WWDC 2010 sits behind Apple’s developer website (non-public).
  • Transcripts from 2010-2014 (they are not in Apple’s Website).
  • Maybe I can look at ASCII WWDC to import some of those transcripts to the same format that Apple used for 2015.

How the scraper works

Be sure to install scrapy

pip install scrapy

Then, from the project folder just execute the build script (it’s a Python script)


That should output several .json files in your current working directory.


For questions, ideas and/or trolling, I’m on Twitter :grin:

Twitter logo http://twitter.com/ngoles


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Up-to-date JSON dataset of all WWDC Sessions (videos, slides, transcripts, tags) ...