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emo(7) The Emoticon Guide emo(7)

DESCRIPTION This is a collection of emoticons and emoji commonly used in text-based communication, particularly via e-mail or IRC. Particular care is taken to include all common connotations of emoticons, to help the reader decipher complicated or ambiguous emotions.

INSTALLATION On UNIX systems, this document can be installed so that it is accessi- ble with man(1):

          $ cd emo/

          $ export MANDIR="..." # defaults to /usr/share/man/

          $ sudo make -e install

          $ sudo make -e uninstall

   It can then be accessed with the traditional

          $ man emo

HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL This manual is meant to be used in one of two ways: forward-searching for the definition of an emoticon and reverse-searching for an appro- priate emoticon for some context. Either search can be performed manu- ally by perusing the list, or by using your pager's search feature (for example, less(1) lets you search with the / character).

   Many  emoticons  may  be  rewritten using three characters by placing a
   hyphen (-) character between the eyes and mouth to represent a nose. By
   convention,  this reference does not include the nosed versions of such
   emoticons. (Emoticons where the  nose  is  mandatory  are,  of  course,
   listed as such).

   Some  smileys  are  reversible  due  to the symmetry of the constituent
   characters.  In such cases, the most commonly-used orientation  (gener-
   ally eyes-first) is used.

THE LIST :) or =) Perhaps the most basic emoticon listed. Conveys happiness, con- tentment, gratitude, etc.

   :( or :'(
          Conveys sadness, disappointment, and misery.

   ;)     Like a wink. Indicates that some information  was  left  unsaid,
          but  that  based  on context the reader should be able to derive
          this information.

   :P     Indicates that the preceding remark was humerous, sarcastic,  or
          otherwise lighthearted and not meant to be taken seriously.

   :D or =D
          Conveys gladness, extreme joy, sudden excitement, etc.

   D:     Conveys sudden disappointment, sadness, devastation, etc.

   :/     Conveys uncertainty about a situation. Indicates doubt or confu-
          sion.  Also can indicate indifference in some cases.

   :O or :o
          Conveys surprise, but not necessarily  a  positive  or  negative

   B) or BD or 8) or 8D
          Indicates  that the speaker feels a certain degree of "coolness"
          after having said the preceding remark.

   XD     Conveys that the speaker found a recent remark  extremely  amus-

   DX     Similarly  to  D:  this  conveys sudden disappointment, sadness,
          devastation, etc.

   :3 or =3
          The `kitty face'. Conveys a cat-like feeling of happiness.

   c:     Conveys a heightened sense of happiness, joy, etc.

   :c     Conveys a heightened sense of  sadness,  sudden  disappointment,

   :|     Conveys indifference or mild annoyance.

   :<     Conveys anger or moderate annoyance.

   :x     Conveys nervousness or slight embarrassment at something said.

   >:) or >:D or >:3
          Conveys a sense of devious happiness or `evil laughter'.

   >:|    Conveys moderately high annoyance.

   >:(    Conveys anger, disappointment, resent, fury.

   <3     A heart. Conveys love or deep appreciation.

   o/ or \o
          A person waving. Used as a greeting.

   \o/    A person with both hands up. Used in a celebratory manner.

   ^^ or ^.^ or ^_^ or ^-^
          Conveys happiness or contentedness.

   =^.^= or =^_^= or =^-^=
          Like a variation of the `kitty face'. Also conveys happiness and

   -.- or -_-
          Indicates annoyance. Can also be used to indicate  indifference.

   ;.; or ;_; or ;-; or T.T or T_T or T-T
          Like a person crying. Conveys sadness.

   ._.    Conveys shock or disappointment.

   x.x    Conveys fatigue or exhaustion.

   O_o or O.o or 0.o or o_0
          Conveys  surprise  or astonishment. Any combination of zero (0),
          capital O (O), and lowercase O (o), and either a dot (.)  or  an
          underscore (_) are acceptable.

   >< or >.< or >_<
          Conveys distress or frustration.

   lel    A  more  sarcastic  version  of "lol". "lel" is rarely a typo of
          "lol". "lel" typically signies that a  comment  was  funny,  but
          only at the expense of the person who said it.

NOTE ON PARENTHESES The usage of parenthesis-terminated emoticons within parenthesized statements merits some discussion. There are several possible conven- tions which can be used.

   We  can  optimize  for grammatical correctness by placing an additional
   closing parenthesis after the emoticon:

          (I like it the way it is. :))

   However, this looks awkward to many. The alternative is  to  leave  off
   the trailing parenthesis:

          (I like it the way it is. :)

   This,  however,  appears incomplete and is not strictly correct. A com-
   promise can be achieved by placing a space between the two parentheses:

          (I like it the way it is. :) )

   In  general, it is left to the writer to choose a style which they pre-

   See also: xkcd/541 <http://xkcd.com/541/>

AUTHORS hardmath123, Tamini, rtmiu, MegaApuTurkUltra, bobbybee

LICENSE This list is Unlicensed. You should have received a copy of the Unli- cense with this file. If not, you can obtain it for free here http:// unlicense.org.

CONTRIBUTING Contributions are welcome, as long as they are well-intentioned, suffi- ciently accurate, and suitably notable. Please submit pull requests to the git repository https://github.com/Hardmath123/emo.7 containing the original groff source. If there are many commits in your PR, please recompile README.txt at most once, preferably at the end in a separate commit with an appropriate message.

   You  can  find  instructions  on how to build this file in the Makefile
   bundled with the source. A comment at the top of  the  source  provides
   resources  for  working  with  groff(1), however, you should be able to
   figure out what's going on yourself.

SEE ALSO UrbanDictionary http://urbandictionary.com

   The Jargon Files <http://www.catb.org/jargon/>

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