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A Rails template with our standard defaults.

HitFox’s Suspenders Circle CI

This is a suspenders fork we use at HitFox Group. Big thanks to thoughtbot. Also, thanks to weLaika for providing an example of the forked suspenders gem, with a lot of the configurations we use as well.


First install the suspenders gem:

gem install hitfox-suspenders

Then run:

hitfox-suspenders projectname

This will create a rails app in projectname. This script creates a new git repository. It is not meant to be used against an existing repo.

Version number

Our hitfox-suspenders version number isn’t related to thoughbot’s suspenders.


We constantly pull the latest chages from Thoughtbot’s suspenders periodically.

List of changes we made since this commit: - Add refills install command - Add a Procfile.development file - Add CircleCI configuration template - Add Honeybadger configuration and remove New Relic - Use simple_form 3.0.3 to supress annoying warnings in specs - Add Mandrill configuration - Use the Cloud66 ENV variable name for the HOST (used for action_mailer_host) - Add company specific assumptions to the README generator - Remove CDN, Heroku, Unicorn, Segment and delayed_jobs configurations - Remove deployment scripts and Procfile - Remove Travis configuration and add the CircleCI one for the suspenders gem - Use Ruby 2.2.0 for CircleCI compatibility

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