Homebase social network app for iOS

Homebase - iOS

Native iOS implementation of the Homebase social network

What is Homebase

Homebase is a private social network to help keep you and your housemates on task.

Upcoming Features

  • Newsfeed > Post bulletins to your home! Housemates ignoring your sticky notes or posted bulletins? Now they’re impossible to miss. Other items in the feed include task completions, bounty completions, events etc.

  • Events > Planning a house party? A garage sale? Giving away excess food? Post it on Homebase as an event either public or private to warn your housemates or invite others in.

  • Rent / Payment Handling > Use built in payment options to send money directly in the app to landlords or other housemates. Keep track of who still owes rent

  • Tasks - Todos - Lists > Always know who’s turn it is to take out the trash. Schedule tasks to specific users or rotate them to share in the fun of chores! Get alerts when your turn is coming up and keep track of who’s falling behind.

  • Post Bounties > Need something done by someone but not anyone specific? Post a bounty for anyone to complete. Forgot to get paper towels? Maybe a housemate will be going to the store later. Set a price or have them request the correct amount once completed.

  • Google, Facebook Sign-In authentication > Easy sign in with common services

Current Build

We are currently in early development as you can see below alt tag

alt tag

Help Us!

We have a vision and we appreciate help reaching it

Get Started

Clone the repo and install the required pods. In terminal navigate to the project directory and input the following command (assuming Cocoa Pods is installed)

pod install

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