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Features, usage and installation instructions are summarised on the homepage. Terminology (e.g. the difference between a Cellar, Tap, Cask and so forth) is explained here.

Update Bug

If Homebrew was updated on Aug 10-11th 2016 and brew update always says Already up-to-date. you need to run:

cd "$(brew --repo)" && git fetch && git reset --hard origin/master && brew update

What Packages Are Available?

  1. Type brew search for a list.
  2. Or visit to browse packages online.
  3. Or use brew search --desc <keyword> to browse packages from the command line.

More Documentation

brew help, man brew or check our documentation.


First, please run brew update and brew doctor.

Second, read the Troubleshooting Checklist.

If you don’t read these it will take us far longer to help you with your problem.


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We’d love you to contribute to Homebrew. First, please read our Contribution Guide and Code of Conduct.

We explicitly welcome contributions from people who have never contributed to open-source before: we were all beginners once! We can help build on a partially working pull request with the aim of getting it merged. We are also actively seeking to diversify our contributors and especially welcome contributions from women from all backgrounds and people of colour.

A good starting point for contributing is running brew audit --strict with some of the packages you use (e.g. brew audit --strict wget if you use wget) and then read through the warnings, try to fix them until brew audit --strict shows no results and submit a pull request. If no formulae you use have warnings you can run brew audit --strict without arguments to have it run on all packages and pick one. Good luck!


Please report security issues to our HackerOne.

Who Are You?

Homebrew’s lead maintainer is Mike McQuaid.

Homebrew’s current maintainers are Alyssa Ross, Andrew Janke, Baptiste Fontaine, Alex Dunn, FX Coudert, ilovezfs, Josh Hagins, JCount, Misty De Meo, neutric, Tomasz Pajor, Markus Reiter, Tim Smith, Tom Schoonjans, Uladzislau Shablinski and William Woodruff.

Former maintainers with significant contributions include Xu Cheng, Martin Afanasjew, Dominyk Tiller, Brett Koonce, Charlie Sharpsteen, Jack Nagel, Adam Vandenberg and Homebrew’s creator: Max Howell.



Code is under the BSD 2-clause “Simplified” License. Documentation is under the Creative Commons Attribution license.


Homebrew is a non-profit project run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We need your funds to pay for software, hardware and hosting around continuous integration and future improvements to the project. Every donation will be spent on making Homebrew better for our users.

Please consider a regular donation through Patreon:

Donate with Patreon


Our Xserve ESXi boxes for CI are hosted by MacStadium.

Powered by MacStadium

Our Jenkins CI installation is hosted by DigitalOcean.

Our bottles (binary packages) are hosted by Bintray.

Downloads by Bintray

Our website is hosted by Netlify.

Deploys by Netlify

Secure password storage and syncing provided by 1Password for Teams by AgileBits


Homebrew is a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy

Software Freedom Conservancy

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