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3 years after BSD-2-Clause

Homebrew Python

This Homebrew tap provides formulæ to install Python libraries with external dependencies that pip doesn't know how to handle, including the scientific Python stack (numpy, scipy, and matplotlib). We aim to provide precompiled bottles where we can. Please send us a pull request if you don't see your favorite!

'You're flying! How?' 'Python!'

How do I install these formulæ?

brew install homebrew/python/<formula>

Or brew tap homebrew/python and then brew install <formula>.


Please check the main Homebrew troubleshooting guide and then open an issue in this tap.


Homebrew Python modules install to whichever Python is first in the PATH. Our formulæ are tested against Homebrew Python as well as the Python that came with your Mac.

Formulæ are installed with Python 2 support by default. For simultaneous Python 3 support, use brew install <formula> --with-python3. If you don't need Python 2.x support at all, you can pass --with-python3 --without-python.

How to submit a new formula

  • Fork this repository on GitHub.
  • Clone to your Mac.
  • Read Python for Formula Authors and look at the other formulæ here.
  • In your locally cloned homebrew-python repo, create a new branch: git checkout --branch my_new_formula
  • Write/edit your formula (ruby file). Check Homebrew's documentation for details.
  • Test it locally! brew install ./my-new-formula.rb. Does it install? Note, ./<formula>.rb will target the local file.
  • git push --set-upstream origin my-new-formula to get it into your GitHub fork as a new branch.
  • If you have to change something, add a commit and git push.
  • On GitHub, select your new branch and then click the "Pull Request" button.

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