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A Swift web framework and HTTP server.


A Swift Web Framework and HTTP Server

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Kitura is a web framework and web server that is created for web services written in Swift. For more information, visit

Table of Contents


  • URL routing (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE)
  • URL parameters
  • Static file serving
  • FastCGI support
  • SSL/TLS support
  • JSON parsing
  • Pluggable middleware

Getting Started

Visit for a Getting Started guide, tutorials, and API reference documentation.

Contributing to Kitura

All improvements to Kitura are very welcome! Here's how to get started with developing Kitura itself.

  1. Clone this repository.

    $ git clone

  2. Build and run tests.

    $ swift test

You can find more info on contributing to Kitura in our contributing guidelines.


We love to talk server-side Swift, and Kitura. Join our Slack to meet the team!

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