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Easily manage gh-pages of your ember-cli addon


Angular CLI addon for deploying apps to GitHub pages.

If you need to quickly deploy and redeploy a small Angular 2 app via GitHub pages this angular-cli addon is for you!

This addon does the following:

  • creates GitHub repo for the current project if one doesn’t exist
  • rebuilds the app at the current HEAD
  • creates a local gh-pages branch if one doesn’t exist
  • moves your app to the gh-pages branch and creates a commit
  • pushes the gh-pages branch to github
  • returns back to the original HEAD

Installation & Setup

This addon has the following prerequisites:

  • Node.js 4.x
  • SSH keys setup for authentication with GitHub (see “Authentication” section below)
  • Angular project created via angular-cli

To install this addon all you need to do is install angular-cli-github-pages via npm:

npm install --save-dev angular-cli-github-pages


Once that’s done, you can checkout the branch you want to create the gh-page from (likely master) and run the command to build and commit it.

Then run ng github-pages:deploy in order to rebuild gh-pages branch and deploy it.

git checkout master
ng github-pages:deploy --message "Optional commit message"


This addon relies on ssh authentication for all git operations that communicate with To simplify the authentication, be sure to setup your ssh keys.

For repository creation, the addon needs to make a single https call to the GitHub api, for this user name and password are requested when the repo is being created.

Note: Two factor authentication is currently not supported by this addon.



Licensed under the MIT license

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