A webpack plugin to lint your CSS/Sass code using stylelint

Stylelint Plugin for Webpack v[1, 2]

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Why you might want to use this plugin instead of stylelint-loader

stylelint-loader lints the files you require or the ones you define as an entry in your webpack config. But @imports in those files are not followed, so just the main file (for each require/entry) is linted.

Instead, with stylelint-webpack-plugin you just define file globs, like stylelint does by default. So you get all your files linted.


npm install --save-dev stylelint-webpack-plugin
# OR
yarn add --dev stylelint-webpack-plugin


In your webpack configuration

var StyleLintPlugin = require('stylelint-webpack-plugin');

module.exports = {
  // ...
  plugins: [
    new StyleLintPlugin(options),
  // ...


See stylelint options for the complete list of options. This object is passed straight to the stylelint.lint function and has the following defaults:

  • configFile: You can change the config file location. Default: (undefined), handled by stylelint’s cosmiconfig module.
  • context: String indicating the root of your SCSS files. Default: inherits from webpack config.
  • emitErrors: Display Stylelint errors as actual errors, rather than just warnings. Default: true
  • failOnError: Have Webpack’s build process die on error. Default: false
  • files: Change the glob pattern for finding files. Default: (['**/*.s?(a|c)ss'])
  • formatter: Use a custom formatter to print errors to the console. Default: (require('stylelint').formatters.string)
  • lintDirtyModulesOnly: Lint only changed files, skip lint on start. Default (false)
  • syntax: Use 'scss' to lint .scss files. Default (undefined)
  • quiet: Don’t print stylelint output to the console. Default: false


The plugin will dump full reporting of errors. Set failOnError to true if you want webpack build process breaking with any stylelint error. You can use the quiet option to not print stylelint output to the console.


This project is basically a modified version of sasslint-webpack-plugin. It changed considerably since stylelint is async, and its Node API changes compared with sasslint.

Thanks to Javier (@vieron) for originally publishing this plugin, and passing the torch to our growing list of contributors! :smile:


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A webpack plugin to lint your CSS/Sass code using stylelint ...