My GNU emacs configuration

  • How it is loaded Emacs will load automatically the ~/.emacs file. I decided for to just make it load the ~/.emacs.d/init.el file in order to have all the configuration in the same folder. I will consider that we are in ~/.emacs.d from now on.

~init.el~ loads ~minimal.el~, ~programmation.el~ and ~frame.el~ and initializes the package manager.

  • Global organization ** Plugins The plugins installed by the package manager (included since Emacs 24) are located in the ~elpa~ directory. They can be updated automatically thanks to the package manager.

Plugins I manually installed are in the ~plugins~ directory. They must be updated manually.

** Programming Each programming language is in a ~config-.el~ file. Support varies from good (python) to very lite (php). I will improve support for each programming language when I have some time or the need to do so.

** The rest - bepo: bindings for the bepo keyboard (not activated) and the key-chord bindings (add bindings to standard keys if pressed twice) - the Perl shell - ~ecb.el~: Emacs Code Browser - ~custom.el~: the Emacs’ custom file

  • Minimal

  • Set UTF-8 as default encoding

  • Disable bell

  • Remap some dead keys

  • Load key-chword

  • Modify the calendar

  • Enables auto-fill

  • Enables spelling

  • Add plugins path to load-path

  • Programming ** All languages

  • Enables and configures electric-pair-mode for pair symbols completion

  • Enables trailing white-spaces deletion

  • Enables current line highlight

  • Loads config files for each programming language

** Python It is based on ~emacs-for-python~ - Current indentation is highlighted - On the fly syntax checking - Ipython support - Jedi for a nice autocomplete and on the fly help.

** Others Much more basic support right now. Read the files to know what is supported.

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