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The official wiki for the Pokemon Go Map Project. Replaces the old GitHub wiki we were using.

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Before you can change any files, you’ll have to fork this repo.

Adding new files

Keep filenames short and to the point (example, installation.md), this filename will not be the name displayed on the page.

Always begin your new page with a title:

# This is my title

This will be shown on the page and should describe what the new page is about. The rest of the file should be written in GitHub Flavored Markdown, following these guidelines to be formatted correctly.

Sidebars will automatically be generated if you have more than 3 sections on your page.

When you are completed with your new page, open navigation.md and add it under whatever section you feel it fits, following the format of the other links. When you are finished, submit your file as a Pull Request to be reviewed.

Editing files

Simply edit existing files using GitHub Flavored Markdown and submit it as a new Pull Request.

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