An OpenTracing Tracer implementation backed by Baggage Buffers

Tracing Plane / OpenTracing

This repository provides some examples and implementations for using the Tracing Plane’s context propagation specification in conjunction with OpenTracing.

Why do this?

Using the Tracing Plane / Baggage Buffers, you are able to easily specify your TraceContexts in a way that is extensible, portable, and most importantly, will automatically handle inconsistencies for you that will arise from merging contexts (eg, for spans with multiple parents)

The Tracing Plane lets us construct arbitrary objects and efficiency pack them into a serialized format. It has built-in semantics that enable a variety of different data types, and automatically supports correctly merging contexts if your tracing system allows multiple parents.

See the Tracing Plane GitHub for more information about the Tracing Plane


Tracing Plane Based Tracers provides a base implementation of an OpenTracing tracer that is backed by Baggage as its serialization format. Non-binary carriers simply wrap the binary-encoded baggage (eg, in base64); for example, HTTP headers will set the `X-Baggage’ field.

Zipkin / Brave Tracer, backed by Tracing Plane is a concrete tracer implementation that wraps Zipkin’s Brave instrumentation library. The tracer is an OpenTracing tracer (so, OpenTracing has generalized the instrumentation) and it’s backed by Baggage (so, Baggage has generalized the context propagation), so the only component of Brave remaining is the concrete construction and backend-aggregation of span objects. is a simple working example of trace construction using this tracingplane-backed tracer. is the Baggage Buffers specification of Zipkin’s metadata. It’s intended as a like-for-like replica of Zipkin’s metadata format, so it will automatically drop multiple parents if they exist.

package brownsys.tracingplane.zipkin;

struct ZipkinFlags {
    bool sample_attempted;
    bool sampled;
    bool debug;

struct ZipkinMetadata {
    fixed64 trace_id_high;
    fixed64 trace_id;
    fixed64 span_id;
    fixed64 parent_id;
    ZipkinFlags flags;

bag ZipkinContext {
    ZipkinMetadata metadata = 0; // Zipkin disallows multiple parents and simply discards any excess metadata

The code generate by Baggage Buffers is committed for curiosity’s sake; for example, the generated and

OpenTracing Key-Value Pairs Baggage

In addition to regular zipkin metadata, we have also provided a default implementation of OpenTracing’s key-value pair Baggage (not to be confused with tracingplane Baggage which is a more generic concept) is the Baggage Buffers specification of baggage.

package brownsys.tracingplane.opentracing;

bag OpenTracingBaggage {
    map<string, string> fields = 0;

The generated code can be seen at

Generic Wrapper for Tracers

TODO: a generic wrapper tracer that just byte-serializes the other tracer’s contexts

Pure Tracing Plane Tracer

TODO: a tracer that creates zipkin spans for the backend, but specifies its own metadata format and consistently handles relationships between spans, using just annotations for now :/

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An OpenTracing Tracer implementation backed by Baggage Buffers ...