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A Python based monitoring and tracking tool for Plex Media Server.


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A python based web application for monitoring, analytics and notifications for Plex Media Server.

This project is based on code from Headphones and PlexWatchWeb.


  • Responsive web design viewable on desktop, tablet and mobile web browsers.
  • Themed to complement Plex/Web.
  • Easy configuration setup (no separate web server required).
  • Monitor current Plex Media Server activity.
  • Fully customizable notifications for stream activity and recently added media.
  • Top statistics on home page with configurable duration and measurement metric.
  • Global watching history with search/filtering & dynamic column sorting.
  • Full user list with general information and comparison stats.
  • Individual user information including devices IP addresses.
  • Complete library statistics and media file information.
  • Rich analytics presented using Highcharts graphing.
  • Beautiful content information pages.
  • Full sync list data on all users syncing items from your library.
  • And many more!!


PlexPy Homepage

Installation and Support

Support the project by implementing new features, solving support tickets and provide bug fixes.


Many issues can simply be solved by:
  • Making sure you update to the latest version.
  • Turning your device off and on again.
  • Analyzing your logs, you just might find the solution yourself!
  • Using the search function to see if this issue has already been reported/solved.
  • Checking the Wiki for [Installation] and [FAQs] ).
  • For basic questions try asking on Gitter or the Plex Forums first before opening an issue.
If nothing has worked:
  1. Open a new issue on the GitHub issue tracker.
  2. Provide a clear title to easily help identify your problem.
  3. Use proper markdown syntax to structure your post (i.e. code/log in code blocks).
  4. Make sure you provide the following information:
    • [ ] Version
    • [ ] Branch
    • [ ] Commit hash
    • [ ] Operating system
    • [ ] Python version
    • [ ] What you did?
    • [ ] What happened?
    • [ ] What you expected?
    • [ ] How can we reproduce your issue?
    • [ ] What are your (relevant) settings?
    • [ ] Include a link to your FULL (not just a few lines!) log file that has the error. Please use Gist or Pastebin.
  5. Close your issue when it’s solved! If you found the solution yourself please comment so that others benefit from it.

Feature Requests

Feature requests are handled on FeatHub.

  1. Search the existing requests to see if your suggestion has already been submitted.
  2. If a similar request exists, give it a thumbs up (+1), or add additional comments to the request.
  3. If no similar requests exist, you can create a new one. Make sure to provide a clear title to easily identify the feature request.


This is free software under the GPL v3 open source license. Feel free to do with it what you wish, but any modification must be open sourced. A copy of the license is included.

This software includes Highsoft software libraries which you may freely distribute for non-commercial use. Commerical users must licence this software, for more information visit

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