An example package for submissions to JuliaCon

6 months after


Build Status

This repository is an example for a proceeding submission at JuliaCon 2019. Feel free to use the template in /paper to prepare yours. For more information, go to the proceedings website.

Paper dependencies

The document can be built locally, the following dependencies need to be installed:

  • Ruby
  • latexmk

Build process

Build the paper using:

$ latexmk -bibtex -pdf paper.tex

Clean up temporary files using:

$ latexmk -c

Paper metadata

IMPORTANT Some information for building the document (such as the title and keywords) is provided through the paper.yml file and not through the usual \title command. Respecting the process is important to avoid build errors when submitting your work.

Get from OverLeaf

The paper folder can be downloaded from OverLeaf. The build process has been tested on the platform for users who cannot build it locally.