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Tech and Venture Capital Toolkit

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A :star::star::star::star::star: curated list of high quality resources (mostly free) made with :heart: by Kati Michel. See also...

Table of Content

Venture Analysis

Idea State Machine and Idea Maze


Notable Proposals and Pitch Decks

Pitch Deck Search

Notable Proposals and Pitch Decks


The Prince's Trust

Documents and Advice

A16Z Funding and Valuation Advice

Law and Transaction Services

VCs on Standard Docs and Terms

Standard Docs and Terms

Document Libraries- Free/Freemium

Document Libraries- Not Free/Freemium

Standard Docs- International

VC Firm Pitch Deck and Operational Report Templates

Term Sheets 101

Carried Interest 101

Document Web Services

Cap Table

Raising a Seed Round- The Spreadsheet

Equity Investment Simulation


Financial Ratio

A16Z Metrics

Bill Gurley on Conversion and LTV

Objectives and key Results (OKRs)


Pirate Metrics

Market, Business Models, Pricing, Product Tiers


Market Analysis

Horizontal Market, Vertical Market, Vertical Integration

Business Models

Pricing Strategies

Product Tiers

Company and Product Databases

Database List

Databases and Benchmarking- Freemium

Europe and U.K.

Database APIs

Unicorns, Companies, Industry and Product Classifications, Associations


The Terms Behind the Unicorn Valuations

Breakout Companies

Companies and Indices

Industry and Product Classifications


Surveys, Trends, Stats


Google Insights and Trends

Tim Ferris Inspired- Ideas

Hobbies and Cool Tools

Site and App Research

Apple and Google Statistics

App and Website Statistics- General

Mobile and Browser

Browser Stats

Product/Service Directories

Built With (Exluding Django; See also Squarespace)

Code Search

Wayback Machine

Archive Team

Whois Wikipedia

DevCenter (Developer Center/API)

Project Management Tools and Software Engineering

Operations, Changement Management, Program Management. Project Management

Project Management

Project Management Associations, Certifications, Frameworks

Project Management BOKs


Project Management- Obvious Software

Project Management- Less Obvious Software

Agile and Waterfall Project Management Methodologies

Scrum Software Developmet, Sprints

Agile Project Management Tools

Software Project Management

Software Prototyping


Documents and Improvement

Project Documents





Supply Chain

Business Process

Flow Chart

Improvement Schools of Thought

Software Engineering and Testing

Software Engineering/Development

Programming and Paradigm

Software Release Life Cycle

Software Testing

Research and Design Sprint Basics


User Centered Design, User Experience, Usability


Persuasive Technology

Agile Sprints

Google and Google Ventures, Thoughtbot, Dockyard, Hanno, Gamestorming, IDEO, Nesta DIY, Nielson Norman and Various: See

Design Thinking

Design- General

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