Writes a KFS filesystem into a ROM file

genkfs (1)

genkfs - Writes KFS filesystems into ROM dumps


Linux, Mac:

  1. Install cmake and asciidoc
  2. cmake .
  3. make
  4. make install


Install cygwin with cmake, asciidoc, gcc, and make. Then, follow the Linux instructions.


genkfs input model


input is the ROM file you would like to write the filesystem to. model is a path to a directory that will be copied into / on the new filesystem.


genkfs input.rom ./temp

Creates a KFS filesystem in input.rom and copies the contents of ./temp to the root of the new filesystem.


Maintained by Drew DeVault [email protected], who is assisted by other open source contributors. For more information about genkfs development, see

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Writes a KFS filesystem into a ROM file ...

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