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PHP library that provides a filesystem abstraction layer − will be a feast for your files!


Gaufrette provides a filesystem abstraction layer.

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Why use Gaufrette?

Imagine you have to manage a lot of medias in a PHP project. Lets see how to take this situation in your advantage using Gaufrette.

The filesystem abstraction layer permits you to develop your application without the need to know were all those medias will be stored and how.

Another advantage of this is the possibility to update the files location without any impact on the code apart from the definition of your filesystem. In example, if your project grows up very fast and if your server reaches its limits, you can easily move your medias in an Amazon S3 server or any other solution.


Read the official Gaufrette documentation.

Symfony integration

Symfony integration is available through KnpLabs/KnpGaufretteBundle.

Launch the Test Suite

Requires: * docker * docker-compose

Build images:

$ docker-compose build

Launch the tests:

$ bin/tests-all

Is it green?


This project does not have any stable release yet but we do not want to break BC now.

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package version
php >=5.6
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google/apiclient ~1.1.3
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doctrine/dbal >=2.3
dropbox-php/dropbox-php *
phpunit/phpunit 3.7.*
mikey179/vfsStream ~1.2.0
league/flysystem ~1.0
mongodb/mongodb ~1.1.4
microsoft/windowsazure ~0.4
microsoft/azure-storage ~0.15.0
akeneo/phpspec-skip-example-extension ~1.2


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