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A curated list of awesome Kotlin related stuff Inspired by awesome-java.

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A curated list of awesome Kotlin related stuff Inspired by awesome-java.

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== Links === Official Links *[JetBrains/kotlin^] *[Home Page^] *[Language Reference^] *[Slack (4200+ users)^] *[Public chat archive of Kotlin’s Slack^] *[Try Kotlin!^] *[Blog^] *[Issue Tracker^] *[Twitter^] *[Kotlin/KEEP^] - Kotlin Evolution and Enhancement Process

=== Resources *[/r/Kotlin^] *[Stackoverflow Documentation on Kotlin^] *[Quora Kotlin^] *[Trending Kotlin on Github^] *[Antonio Leiva - Android and any other monsters^] *[LinkedIn: Kotlin Developers (Join!)^] *[Kotlin - Google+^]

=== Books and Courses *[Kotlin in Action - Dmitry Jemerov, Svetlana Isakova^] *[Kotlin for Android Developers - Antonio Leiva^] *[Kotlin for Java Developers^] - 160-minute Android Course. *[Kotlin Programming: Next Level Java Development^] - Learn coding in Kotlin from scratch!

== Libraries/Frameworks === Web *[Kotlin/ktor^] - Web backend framework for Kotlin. *[TinyMission/kara^] - Web framework written in Kotlin. *[jean79/yested^] - A Kotlin framework for building web applications in Javascript. *[hhariri/wasabi^] - An HTTP Framework built with Kotlin for the JVM. *[Kotlin/kotlinx.html^] - Kotlin DSL for HTML. *[MarioAriasC/KotlinPrimavera^] - Spring support libraries for Kotlin. *[kohesive/kovert^] - An invisible, super easy and powerful REST and Web framework over Vert.x or Undertow. *[sdeleuze/spring-kotlin^] - Kotlin extensions for Spring projects. *[Kotlin/kotlinx.coroutines^] - Libraries built upon Kotlin coroutines. *[taskworld/kraph^] - GraphQL request string builder written in Kotlin

=== Tests *[JetBrains/spek^] - A specification framework for Kotlin. *[npryce/hamkrest^] - A reimplementation of Hamcrest to take advantage of Kotlin language features. *[nhaarman/mockito-kotlin^] - Using Mockito with Kotlin. *[MarkusAmshove/Kluent^] - Fluent Assertion-Library for Kotlin. *[winterbe/expekt^] - BDD assertion library for Kotlin. *[kotlintest/kotlintest^] - KotlinTest is a flexible and comprehensive testing tool for the Kotlin ecosystem based on and heavily inspired by the superb Scalatest. *[dmcg/konsent^] - An acceptance test library for Kotlin. *[raniejade/kspec^] - Kotlin Specification Framework. *[EPadronU/balin^] - Balin is a browser automation library for Kotlin. It’s basically a Selenium-WebDriver wrapper library inspired by Geb. *[dmcg/amock^] - A JMock wrapper for Kotlin.

=== Dependency Injection *[SalomonBrys/Kodein^] - Painless Kotlin Dependency Injection . *[kohesive/injekt^] - (Deprecated, @see Kodein) Dependency Injection / Object Factory for Kotlin

=== Functional Programming *[MarioAriasC/funKTionale^] - Functional constructs for Kotlin. *[ReactiveX/RxKotlin^] - RxJava bindings for Kotlin. *[kittinunf/Result^] - The modelling for success/failure of operations in Kotlin. *[brianegan/bansa^] - A state container for Kotlin & Java, inspired by Elm & Redux. *[pardom/redux-kotlin^] - Direct port of Redux for Kotlin. *[beyondeye/Reduks^] - A “batteries included” port of Reduxjs for Kotlin+Android *[pakoito/Komprehensions^] - Do comprehensions for Kotlin and 3rd party libraries.

=== JSON *[cbeust/klaxon^] - Lightweight library to parse JSON in Kotlin. *[SalomonBrys/Kotson^] - Gson for Kotlin, Kotson enables you to parse and write JSON with Google’s Gson using a conciser and easier syntax. *[FasterXML/jackson-module-kotlin^] - Jackson module that adds support for serialization/deserialization of Kotlin classes and data classes. *[fboldog/ext4klaxon^] - Type Extensions (Long, Int, Enum, Date) for Klaxon. *[Jire/KTON^] - Object notation in pure Kotlin!

=== Database *[JetBrains/Exposed^] - Exposed is a prototype for a lightweight SQL library written over JDBC driver for Kotlin language. *[cheptsov/kotlin-nosql^] - NoSQL database query and access library for Kotlin. *[jankotek/mapdb^] - MapDB provides concurrent Maps, Sets and Queues backed by disk storage or off-heap-memory. It is a fast and easy to use embedded Java database engine. *[seratch/kotliquery^] - A handy database access library in Kotlin. *[andrewoma/kwery^] - Kwery is an SQL library for Kotlin. *[square/sqldelight^] - Generates Java models from CREATE TABLE statements. *[x2bool/kuery^] - Typesafe SQL with Kotlin. *[Litote/kmongo^] - KMongo - Kotlin toolkit for Mongo *[requery/requery^] - Modern SQL based query & persistence for Java/Kotlin/Android. *[consoleau/kotlin-jpa-specification-dsl^] - This library provides a fluent DSL for querying spring data JPA repositories using spring data Specifications. *[s4kibs4mi/PultusORM^] - PultusORM is a sqlite ORM library for kotlin on top of sqlite jdbc driver.

=== Tools *[Kotlin/dokka^] - Documentation Engine for Kotlin. *[Levelmoney/kbuilders^] - KBuilders turns your Java builders into beautiful Type-Safe Builders. *[holgerbrandl/kscript^] - Scripting utils for Kotlin. *[shyiko/ktlint^] - Kotlin linter. *[jtransc/jtransc^] - JVM AOT compiler created in Kotlin.

=== Desktop *[edvin/tornadofx^] - Lightweight JavaFX Framework for Kotlin/ *[griffon/griffon-kotlin-plugin^] - Griffon Support

=== Http Clients *[kittinunf/Fuel^] - The easiest HTTP networking library for Kotlin/Android. *[jkcclemens/khttp^] - Kotlin HTTP requests library.

=== Editors *[JetBrains/intellij-community^] - IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition *[alexmt/atom-kotlin-language^] - Adds syntax highlighting to Kotlin files in Atom *[vkostyukov/kotlin-sublime-package^] - A Sublime Package for Kotlin. *[udalov/kotlin-vim^] - Kotlin Syntax Highlighter for Vim. *[sargunster/kotlin-textmate-bundle^] - Kotlin bundle for TextMate. *[ice1000/NppExtension^] - Kotlin Language extension for Notepad++

=== Syntax Highlighters *[jneen/rouge^] - A pure-ruby code highlighter that is compatible with pygments. (wip) *[isagalaev/highlight.js^] - Javascript syntax highlighter. (out-of-date) *[github/linguist^] - For Ruby/Github, uses Sublime package *[birkenfeld/pygments-main^] - Python syntax highlighter.

=== JavaScript *[danfma/kotlinjs-react^] - A react wrapper to the kotlin library. *[andrewoma/reakt^] - Reakt is a Kotlin wrapper for facebook’s React library. *[pixijs/pixi-native^] - The aim of this project is to provide a fast lightweight 2D library that works across all devices. *[bashor/ts2kt^] - Converter of TypeScript definition files to Kotlin declarations (stubs) *[shafirov/klogging^] - Kotlin logging, both js and jvm.

=== Game Development *[czyzby/ktx^] - Kotlin utilities for LibGDX applications. *[AlmasB/FXGL^] - JavaFX 8 Game Library written in Java + Kotlin

=== Misc *[Kotlin/kotlinx.reflect.lite^] - Lightweight library allowing to introspect basic stuff about Kotlin symbols. *[puniverse/quasar^] - Fibers, Channels and Actors for the JVM. *[MehdiK/Humanizer.jvm^] - Humanizer.jvm meets all your jvm needs for manipulating and displaying strings, enums, dates, times, timespans, numbers and quantities. *[mplatvoet/kovenant^] - Promises for Kotlin and Android *[kohesive/klutter^] - A mix of random small libraries for Kotlin, the smallest reside here until big enough for their own repository. *[kohesive/solr-undertow^] - Solr Standalone Tiny and High performant server. *[leprosus/kotlin-hashids^] - Library that generates short, unique, non-sequential hashes from numbers. *[mplatvoet/progress^] - Progress for Kotlin. *[leprosus/kotlin-cli^] - Kotlin-CLI - command line interface options parser for Kotlin. *[sargunster/CakeParse^] - Simple parser combinator library for Kotlin. *[sargunster/KtUnits^] - Tiny unit conversion library for Kotlin. *[hotchemi/khronos^] - An intuitive Date extensions in Kotlin. *[yole/kxdate^] - Kotlin extensions for Java 8 java.time API *[npryce/konfig^] - A Type Safe Configuration API for Kotlin *[ingokegel/jclasslib^] - jclasslib bytecode viewer is a tool that visualizes all aspects of compiled Java class files and the contained bytecode. *[holgerbrandl/krangl^] - krangl is a {K}otlin library for data w{rangl}ing *[debop/koda-time^] - Joda Time Extensions in Kotlin. (From Java 8 use java.time instead) *[MicroUtils/kotlin-logging^] - Lightweight logging framework for Kotlin. Used as a wrapper for slf4j with Kotlin extensions. *[cesarferreira/kotlin-pluralizer^] - Kotlin extension to pluralize and singularize strings. *[JoelW-S/groothy^] - Kotlin implementation of Groovy Truth

=== Extensions *[Kotlin/^] - Extension and top-level functions to use JDK7/JDK8 features in Kotlin 1.0.

== Projects === Web *[ssoudan/ktSpringTest^] - Basic Spring Boot app in Kotlin. *[IRus/kotlin-dev-proxy^] - Simple server for proxy requests and host static files written in Kotlin, Spark Java and Apache HttpClient. *[ratpack/example-ratpack-gradle-kotlin-app^] - An example of a Kotlin Ratpack app built with Gradle.

=== Build tools *[cbeust/kobalt^] - Build system inspired by Gradle. *[gradle/gradle-script-kotlin^] - Kotlin language support for Gradle build scripts. *[nebula-plugins/nebula-kotlin-plugin^] - Provides the Kotlin plugin via the Gradle plugin portal, automatically depends on the standard library, and allows Kotlin library versions to be omitted. *[pubref/rules_kotlin^] - Bazel rules for Kotlin.

=== Misc *[brikk/brikk^] - Brikk dependency manager (Kotlin, KotlinJS, Java, …).

=== Desktop *[ice1000/Dekoder^] - A kotlin music player, materially designed.

=== Examples *[Kotlin/kotlin-koans^] - Kotlin Koans are a series of exercises to get you familiar with the Kotlin Syntax. *[JetBrains/kotlin-examples^] - Various examples for Kotlin *[JetBrains/swot^] - Identify email addresses or domains names that belong to colleges or universities. Help automate the process of approving or rejecting academic discounts. *[robfletcher/midcentury-ipsum^] - Swingin’ filler text for your jet-age web page. *[robfletcher/lazybones-kotlin^] - The Lazybones app migrated to Kotlin as a learning exercise. *[wangjiegulu/KotlinAndroidSample^] - Android sample with kotlin. *[dodyg/Kotlin101^] - 101 examples for Kotlin Programming language. *[dkandalov/kotlin-99^] - Solve 99 problems with Kotlin! *[sanity/pairAdjacentViolators^] - A Kotlin implementation of the Pair Adjacent Violators algorithm for isotonic regression.

=== Idea Plugins *[Vektah/CodeGlance^] - Intelij IDEA plugin for displaying a code mini-map similar to the one found in Sublime. *[intellij-rust/intellij-rust^] - Rust IDE built using the IntelliJ Platform.

== Android === Libraries *[Kotlin/anko^] - Pleasant Android application development. *[JakeWharton/kotterknife^] - View injection library for Android *[nsk-mironov/kotlin-jetpack^] - A collection of useful extension methods for Android. *[pawegio/KAndroid^] - Kotlin library for Android providing useful extensions to eliminate boilerplate code. *[chibatching/Kotpref^] - Android SharedPreference delegation for Kotlin. *[TouK/bubble^] - Library for obtaining screen orientation when orientation is blocked in AndroidManifest. *[ragunathjawahar/kaffeine^] - Kaffeine is a Kotlin-flavored Android library for accelerating development. *[mcxiaoke/kotlin-koi^] - Koi, a lightweight kotlin library for Android Development. *[BennyWang/KBinding^] - Android View Model binding framework write in kotlin, base on anko, simple but powerful. *[inaka/KillerTask^] - Android AsyncTask wrapper library, written in Kotlin. *[grandstaish/paperparcel^] - Boilerplate reduction library written specifically for working with Kotlin data classes on Android. *[graknol/AnvilKotlin^] - Minimal UI library for Android inspired by React. *[mathcamp/fiberglass^] - Easy lightweight SharedPreferences library for Android in Kotlin using delegated properties. *[nitrico/LastAdapter^] - Don’t write a RecyclerView adapter again. Not even a ViewHolder!. *[denisidoro/krouter^] - A lightweight Android activity router

=== Frameworks *[nekocode/kotgo^] - An android development framwork on kotlin using MVP architecture.

=== Projects *[antoniolg/Bandhook-Kotlin^] - A showcase music app for Android entirely written using Kotlin language. *[antoniolg/Kotlin-for-Android-Developers^] - Companion App for the book “Kotlin Android Developers” *[damianpetla/kotlin-dagger-example^] - Example of Android project showing integration with Kotlin and Dagger 2. *[dodyg/AndroidRivers^] - RSS Readers for Android. *[MakinGiants/banjen-android-banjo-tuner^] - App that plays sounds helping to tune a brazilian banjo. *[inaka/kotlillon^] - Android Kotlin Examples *[MakinGiants/todayhistory^] - App that shows what happened today in history. *[RxKotlin/Pocket^] - This app help user to save links easily, and can export to Evernote as weekly. *[SidneyXu/AndroidDemoIn4Languages^] - Comparison between Java, Groovy, Scala, Kotlin in Android Development. *[inorichi/tachiyomi^] - Free and open source manga reader for Android.

=== Extensions *[ajalt/timberkt^] - Easy Android logging with Kotlin and Timber

=== Tools *[kiruto/debug-bottle^] - Debug Bottle is an Android runtime debug / develop tools written using kotlin language.

== Kotlin User Groups === Europe *[Kotlin Developers in Manchester^] - United Kingdom *[Belarus Kotlin User Group^] - Belarus *[Kotlin User Group Munich^] - Deutschland *[Lyon Kotlin User Group^] - France *[KotlinMAD^] - Spain *[Kotlin Yorkshire Meetup Group^] - United Kingdom *[Kotlin London^] - United Kingdom

=== America *[Bay Area Kotlin User Group^] - USA

=== Asia *[Japan Kotlin User Group^] - Japan

== Articles, Blog Posts === October 2016 *[PultusORM : Sqlite ORM for Kotlin^] - Sakib Sami *[More Kotlin Extension Fun^] - Duncan McGregor *[Extension Functions Can Be Utility Functions^] - Duncan McGregor *[Mocking Kotlin with Mockito^] - Hadi Hariri

=== September 2016 *[Kotlin in Production - What works, Whats broken^] - DripStat *[Why Kotlin is the next big thing for Java developers^] - Nitin Y *’s-initializers.html[An in-depth look at Kotlin’s initializers^] - AJ Alt *[Kotlin 1.0.4 is here^] - Dmitry Jemerov *[The power of temlating in a DSL^] - Eugene Petrenko *[Kotlin NetBeans plugin beta is out!^] - Dmitry Jemerov *[Kotlin vs Java: Compilation speed^] - AJ Alt *[Crafting Log4j Configuration DSL^] - Eugene Petrenko *’s-Look-at-Kotlin.html[A Developer’s Look at Kotlin^] - David Bolton *[Building a compiler for your own language: validation^] - Federico Tomassetti *[Building DSL Instead of an IDE Plugin^] - Eugene Petrenko *[Kotlin census: call to action^] - Roman Belov

=== August 2016 *[Natural testing with Kotlin^] - Vardan Torosyan *[Writing Kotlin Idiomatic Code^] - Denis Trailin *[Ten Kotlin Features To Boost Android Development ^] - Ivan Kušt *[Getting started with Kotlin in Android development^] - Dmitry Chyrta *[Kotlin: val does not mean immutable, it just means readonly, yeah^] - Artem Zinnatullin *[Improved Pattern Matching in Kotlin^] - Jacob Zimmerman *[Scala vs Kotlin: inline and infix^] - Nicolas Fränkel *[Decision Trees with Kotlin^] - Mark Galea *[Kotlin: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly^] - AJ Alt *’t-Need.html[The Next Language You Thought You Didn’t Need^] - Jay Dellinger *[Logging in Kotlin & Android: AnkoLogger vs kotlin-logging^] - osha1 *[PaperParcel with Kotlin^] - Almond Joseph Mendoza *[Issues Faced With Kotlin During Android Development^] - Elisha Lye *[Lessons from converting an app to 100% Kotlin^] - AJ Alt *[The Kobalt diaries: Parallel builds^] - Cédric Beust *[More readable tests with Kotlin^] - Flavio *[Calling on EAPers^] - Roman Belov

=== July 2016 *[KotlinLifeguard #1^] - Daniel Gomez Rico *[UI Testing: separating Assertions from Actions with Kotlin DSL^] - Artem Zinnatullin *[JUnit 5 with Spring Boot (plus Kotlin)^] - Mike Plummer *[Things We’ve Learned During Coolcal Development in Kotlin^] - Przemek Dąbrowski *[Scala vs Kotlin: Operator overloading^] - Nicolas Fränkel *[First glimpse of Kotlin 1.1: Coroutines, Type aliases and more^] - Andrey Breslav *[Scala vs Kotlin: Pimp my library^] - Nicolas Fränkel *[Never say final: mocking Kotlin classes in unit tests^] - Danny Preussler *[Data Driven Testing with Spek ^] - Konstantin Semenov

=== June 2016 *[Kotlin 1.0.3 Is Here!^] - Roman Belov *[How to get IDEA to detect kotlin generated sources using Gradle^] - Nish Tahir *[Ad-hoc polymorphism in Kotlin^] - Cédric Beust *[Kotlin null safety and its performance considerations – part 1^] - Konrad Kamiński *[Kotlin Native^] - Mike Hearn *[Kotlin Night in San Francisco Recordings^] - Roman Belov *[News from KotlinTest^] - medium *[Meet the Kotlin Team at Gradle Summit^] - Dmitry Jemerov *Архитектор-Kotlin-Язык-программирования-—-рабочий-инструмент-Если-никогда-их-не-менять-можно-отстать-от-жизни-.html[Архитектор Kotlin: «Язык программирования — рабочий инструмент. Если никогда их не менять, можно отстать от жизни» ^] - yankoits *[Kotlin 1.0.3 EAP^] - Pavel Talanov *[When Kotlin met Gradle^] - Gabriela Motroc *[Kotlin Eclipse Plugin 0.7 Is Here!^] - Nikolay Krasko *’s-in-store-for-Kotlin-this-year.html[What’s in store for Kotlin this year^] - Gabriela Motroc *[Where We Stand & What’s Next for Kotlin^] - Andrey Breslav

=== May 2016 *[Neural Networks in Kotlin (part 2)^] - Cédric Beust *[Neural Network in Kotlin^] - Cédric Beust *[Kotlin, dragging java into the modern world^] - Tim Gray *[Gradle Meets Kotlin^] - Hadi Hariri *[Kotlin Meets Gradle^] - Chris Beams *[Gradle Elevates the Build to First-Class Programming With Kotlin Language^] - BusinessWire *[Kotlin 1.0.2 is Here^] - Dmitry Jemerov *[Kosent^] - Duncan McGregor *[Testing in Kotlin^] - Stephen Samuel *[JMock and Kotlin^] - Duncan McGregor

=== April 2016 *[Exercises in Kotlin: Part 5 - Classes^] - Dhananjay Nene *[Exercises in Kotlin: Part 4 - Control flows and return^] - Dhananjay Nene *[Writing Concise Code With Kotlin^] - Peter Sommerhoff *[JDK7/8 features in Kotlin 1.0^] - Ilya Gorbunov *[Kotlin + Android First Impressions^] - Keyhole Software *[Exercises in Kotlin: Part 3 - Functions^] - Dhananjay Nene *[Exercises in Kotlin: Part 2 - High level syntax and Variables^] - Dhananjay Nene *[Exercises in Kotlin: Part 1 - Getting Started^] - Dhananjay Nene *[Code improvements with Kotlin^] - Nicolas Frankel *[Performance comparison - building Android UI with code (Anko) vs XML Layout.^] - Andrew Drobyazko *[Few thoughts about Kotlin and why I like it so much^] - Dhananjay Nene *[Kotlin for Scala Developers^] - Stephen Samuel *[Kotlin Post-1.0 Roadmap^] - Dmitry Jemerov *[Making Android Development Easier^] - Maan Najjar * — Part-7-Infinite-Scroll-Higher-Order-functions-Lambdas.html[Keddit — Part 7: Infinite Scroll: Higher-Order functions & Lambdas^] - Juan Ignacio Saravia *[The Kobalt diaries: Automatic Android SDK management^] - Cédric Beust *[Android And Kotlin^] - Bartosz Kosarzycki *[Kotlin Digest 2016.Q1^] - Roman Belov *[Kotlin: Practical Experience^] - Allen Wallis *’s-killer-features.html[Kotlin’s killer features^] - Jasper Sprengers *[Exploring Delegation in Kotlin^] - @codemonkeyism *[Experimental: Kotlin and mutation testing^] - Nicolas Frankel

=== March 2016 *[10 Features I Wish Java Would Steal From the Kotlin Language^] - Lukas Eder *[Ubuntu Make 16.03 Released With Eclipse JEE And IntelliJ IDEA EAP Support, More^] - Alin Andrei *’s-Android-Roadmap.html[Kotlin’s Android Roadmap^] - Dmitry Jemerov *[Rest API plumbing with kotlin^] - Gaetan Zoritchak *[Creating an AndroidWear watchface using Kotlin^] - Roberto Perez *[Writing a RESTful backend using Kotlin and Spring Boot^] - Dimitar Kotevski *[How to Hot Deploy Java/Kotlin classes in Dev^] - Jan Vladimir Mostert *Андрей-Бреслав-и-Дмитрий-Жемеров-о-Kotlin-1-0-на-jug-msk-ru.html[(RU) Андрей Бреслав и Дмитрий Жемеров о Kotlin 1.0 на^] - Дмитрий Белобородов *[A Geospatial Messenger with Kotlin, Spring Boot and PostgreSQL^] - Sébastien Deleuze *[Algebraic Data Types In Kotlin^] - Mike Gehard *[Kotlin Month Post 4: Properties^] - Jacob Zimmerman *[Kotlin Educational Plugin^] - Roman Belov *[Using Kotlin For Tests in Android^] - Sergii Zhuk *[Kotlin 1.0.1 is Here!^] - Andrey Breslav *[Kotlin recipes for Android (I): OnGlobalLayoutListener^] - Antonio Leiva *[Kotlin : Retrofit + RxAndroid + Realm^] - Ahmed Rizwan *[Kotlin & Android: A Brass Tacks Experiment Wrap-Up^] - Doug Stevenson *[Kotlin Month Post 3: Safety^] - Jacob Zimmerman *[Feedback on the Josephus problem^] - Nicolas Frankel *в-гостях-Андрей-Бреслав-руководитель-проекта-Kotlin-в-компании-JetBrains.html[(RU) SDCast #41: в гостях Андрей Бреслав, руководитель проекта Kotlin в компании JetBrains^] - Андрей Бреслав, Константин Буркалев *[Why I don’t want to use Kotlin for Android Development yet^] - Artem Zinnatullin *[Getting Started with Kotlin and Anko on Android^] - Donn Felker *[A DSL Workbench with Gradle and Kotlin^] - Eugene Petrenko *[Kotlin & Android: A Brass Tacks Experiment, Part 6^] - Doug Stevenson *[Solving the Josephus problem in Kotlin^] - Nicolas Franke *[Kotlin Month Post 2: Inheritance and Defaults^] - Jacob Zimmerman *[Building a Kotlin project 22^] - Ciro Rizzo *[Building a Kotlin project 12^] - Ciro Rizzo *Видео-со-встречи-JUG-ru-с-разработчиками-Kotlin.html[(RU) Видео со встречи с разработчиками Kotlin^] - JetBrains *[Kotlin: a new JVM language you should try^] - Rafal Gancarz *для-начинающих.html[(RU) Kotlin для начинающих^] - @Devcolibri *[Kotlin & Android: A Brass Tacks Experiment, Part 5^] - Doug Stevenson *[Developing on Android sucks a lot less with Kotlin^] - Kuno Qing

=== February 2016 *[The Journey of a Spring Boot application from Java 8 to Kotlin, part 3: Data Classes^] - Mike Gehard *Как-себе-выстрелить-в-ногу-в-Kotlin.html[Как себе выстрелить в ногу в Kotlin^] - @ov7a *[Kotlin and Ceylon^] - Elvira *[Kotlin Month Post 1: Assorted Features^] - Jacob Zimmerman *[Kotlin - 2 Years On^] - James Hughes *[The Journey of a Spring Boot application from Java 8 to Kotlin, part 2: Configuration Classes^] - Mike Gehard *[An Introduction to Kotlin^] - Mike Plummer *[Kotlin 1.0 is finally released!^] - Jacob Zimmerman *[More Kotlin Features to Love^] - Jim Baca *[A Very Peculiar, but Possibly Cunning Kotlin Language Feature.^] - Lukas Eder *[Kotlin: Easily storing a list in SharedPreferences with Custom Accessors^] - Dennis Lysenko * — Love-at-first-line.html[Kotlin — Love at first line^] - Dimitar Kotevski *Радио-Т-484.html[(RU) Радио-Т 484^] - Umputun, Bobuk, Gray, Ksenks *и-Vulkan-1-0-—-Episode-0080.html[(RU) DevZen Podcast: Kotlin и Vulkan 1.0 — Episode 0080.^] - DevZen Podcast *[The Kobalt diaries: testing^] - Cédric Beust *Немного-о-Kotlin.html[(RU) Немного о Kotlin.^] - @fogone *[Using Mockito for unit testing with Kotlin (1/x)^] - MAKINGIANTS *[Weekend resources for new Kotlin programmers^] - Joey deVilla *Задай-вопрос-команде.html[(RU) Kotlin 1.0. Задай вопрос команде.^] - Роман Белов *[Kotlin & Android: A Brass Tacks Experiment, Part 3.^] - Doug Stevenson *[Kotlin 1.0: The good, the bad and the evident.^] - Gabriela Motroc *Релиз-Kotlin-1-0-языка-программирования-для-JVM-и-Android.html[(RU) Релиз Kotlin 1.0, языка программирования для JVM и Android.^] - Open Source *[JVM Newcomer Kotlin 1.0 is GA^] - Lucy Carey *[Developing Spring Boot applications with Kotlin.^] - Sébastien Deleuze *[Kotlin 1.0 Released: Pragmatic Language for JVM and Android^] - Andrey Breslav *[The Journey of a Spring Boot application from Java 8 to Kotlin: The Application Class^] - Mike Gehard *Разбор-Полетов-Episode-102-—-Kotlin-тесты-и-здоровый-сон.html[(RU) Podcast Разбор Полетов: Episode 102 — Kotlin, тесты и здоровый сон.^] - Dmitry Jemerov, Viktor Gamov, Alexey Abashev, Anton Arphipov, Dmitry Churbanov, Anton Arhipov *[Kotlin & Android: A Brass Tacks Experiment, Part 4^] - Doug Stevenson *[Kotlin 1.0 Release Candidate is Out!^] - Andrey Breslav *[Kotlin Coding^] - Ciro Rizzo *[10 Kotlin Tutorials for Beginners: Dive Into Kotlin Programming^] - Peter Sommerhoff *[Kotlin & Android: A Brass Tacks Experiment, Part 2.^] - Doug Stevenson *[Kotlin & Android: A Brass Tacks Experiment, Part 1.^] - Doug Stevenson *[Scala vs Kotlin^] - Lionel

=== January 2016 *[KillerTask, the solution to AsyncTask implementation^] - Fernando Ramirez *[My Kotlin Adventure^] - Ciro Rizzo *[Mimicking Kotlin Builders in Java and Python^] - Jacob Zimmerman *[Android development with Kotlin^] - Fernando Ramirez *[Kotlin, the somewhat obscure modern Android-friendly programming language^] - Brandon Kase *[Playing with Spring Boot, Vaadin and Kotlin^] - Nicolas Frankel *[Kotlin XML Binding^] - Eugene Petrenko

=== December 2015 *[Early Impressions of Kotlin^] - Nat Pryce *[Kotlin for Java Developers: 10 Features You Will Love About Kotlin^] - Peter Sommerhoff

=== November 2015 *[Setting up Kotlin with Android and tests^] - Laura Kogler

=== October 2015 *[Exploring the Kotlin standard library^] - Cédric Beust

=== September 2015 *❤-FP.html[Kotlin ❤ FP^] - Mike Hearn

=== August 2015 *[Production Ready Kotlin^] - Jayson Minard *–-Part-1.html[Building APIs on the JVM Using Kotlin and Spark – Part 1^] - Travis Spencer

=== July 2015 *Без-слайдов-интервью-с-Дмитрием-Жемеровым-из-JetBrains.html[(RU) Без слайдов: интервью с Дмитрием Жемеровым из JetBrains^] - Алексей Фёдоров *[Android + Kotlin = ^] - Michael Sattler *[Why Kotlin is my next programming language^] - Mike Hearn

=== June 2015 *[Exploring Kotlin^] - Peter Ledbrook *[RxAndroid and Kotlin (Part 1)^] - Ahmed Rizwan *[Quasar and Kotlin - a Powerful Match^] - Fabio

=== December 2014 *[Non-trivial constructors in Kotlin^] - Alex Shabanov

=== April 2013 *[The Advent of Kotlin: A Conversation with JetBrains’ Andrey Breslav^] - Janice J. Heiss

=== February 2013 *[Exploring the Kotlin Standard Library - Part 3^] - Jamie McCrindle

=== January 2013 *[Exploring the Kotlin Standard Library - Part 2^] - Jamie McCrindle *’s-Guide-to-JVM-languages-–-Kotlin.html[The Adventurous Developer’s Guide to JVM languages – Kotlin^] - Simon Maple *[Exploring the Kotlin Standard Library - Part 1^] - Jamie McCrindle

== Webinars === November 2015 *[Functional Programming with Kotlin^] - Roman Belov

=== September 2015 *[Quasar: Efficient and Elegant Fibers, Channels and Actors^] - Roman Belov

== Videos === September 2016 *[Developing a Geospatial Webservice with Kotlin and Spring Boot^] - Sébastien Deleuze *[Kotlin - Ready for Production^] - Hadi Hariri

=== August 2016 *[Writing Gradle Build Scripts in Kotlin^] - Chris Beams & Rodrigo B. de Oliveiranp *[Better Android Development with Kotlin and Gradle^] - Ty Smith *[Andrey Breslav: Kotlin Coroutines, JVMLS 2016^] - Andrey Breslav

=== May 2016 *[You can do Better with Kotlin^] - Svetlana Isakova

=== April 2016 *[Type safe JavaFX CSS with TornadoFX^] - Edvin Syse

=== March 2016 *Дмитрий-Полищук-Kotlin-Android-практический-ликбез.html[(RU) Дмитрий Полищук - Kotlin + Android: практический ликбез^] - Дмитрий Полищук

=== January 2016 *[Fun with Kotlin^] - Eder Bastos

=== October 2015 *[Kotlin NoSQL for MongoDB in Action^] - Andrey Cheptsov

=== August 2015 *[JVMLS 2015 - Flexible Types in Kotlin^] - Andrey Breslav

=== December 2014 *[Kotlin for Java developers^] - Hadi Hariri

=== November 2014 *[GeeCON Prague 2014: Andrey Cheptsov - A Reactive and Type-safe Kotlin DSL for NoSQL and SQL^] - Andrey Cheptsov

=== September 2014 *[Kotlin vs Java puzzlers^] - Svetlana Isakova

== Slides === September 2016 *[Functional Programming in Kotlin with funKTionale^] - Mario Arias *[Generating Kotlin Code for Better Refactorings, Tests, and IDE Support^] - Eugene Petrenko

=== April 2016 *[Kotlin + Android^] - Dmytro Danylyk *[Kotlin DSL: Anko^] - @maciekjanusz

=== May 2015 *[Kotlin: New Hope in a Java 6 Wasteland^] - Michael Pardo

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