Lavalite - Bootstrapper for Laravel Content Management System.

This is an implementation of Content Management System based on Laravel 5.2 and Twitter Bootstrap 3


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System Requirements

Lavalite is designed to run on a machine with PHP 5.5.9 and MySQL 5.5.

  • PHP >= 5.5.9 with
    • OpenSSL PHP Extension
    • PDO PHP Extension
    • Mbstring PHP Extension
    • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • Composer installed to load the dependencies of Lavalite.


Please check the system requirements before installing Lavalite.

  1. You may install by cloning from github, or via composer.
    • Github:
    • git clone [email protected]:LavaLite/cms.git
    • From a command line open in the folder, run composer install.
    • Composer:
    • composer create-project LavaLite/cms --prefer-dist website
  2. Enter your database details in .env file on root folder.
  3. Publish and seed
    • php artisan vendor:publish to publish package files.
    • After publishing run composer dumpautoload to update class map.
    • php artisan migrate --seed to setup your database.
  4. You can contigure mail server details in config/mail.php.
  5. You can configure the site in the config folder before production.
  6. Finally, setup an Apache VirtualHost to point to the “public” folder.
    • For development, you can simply run php artisan serve

####Permissions Lavalite may require one set of permissions to be configured: folders within storage require write access by the web server. For more detals on installation check laravel installation giude

Admin login details



PHP Libraries

Javascript Libraries

  • Updating


The Lavalite CMS is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

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package version
dev bootstrap-sass ^3.3.7
gulp ^3.9.1
jquery ^3.1.0
laravel-elixir ^6.0.0-9
laravel-elixir-vue ^0.1.4
laravel-elixir-webpack-official ^1.0.2
lodash ^4.14.0
vue ^1.0.26
vue-resource ^0.9.3


-   v4.3.0 zip tar
-   v4.2.2 zip tar
-   v4.2.1 zip tar
-   v4.2.0 zip tar
-   v4.1.0 zip tar
-   v4.0.1 zip tar
-   v4.0.0 zip tar
-   v3.0.0 zip tar
-   3.0.0 zip tar