Instagram bot. It works without instagram api, need only login and password. Write on python.


InstaBot v 1.0.1

Works without the new Instagram api(the new review process) Username and password stored local. Written in Python


Python2.7 minimum A working Instagram account ( file must be in UTF-8 encoding if you use Python 3, or ASCII in Python 2 (PEP)!)


Example of usage:

For example see Just change the login and password information with your own, then run and the bot will start doing it’s magic!

####1) Login: Login automatic, as followed, by creating the InstaBot class element:

bot = InstaBot('login', 'password',
                tag_list=['cat', 'car', 'dog'],
                tag_blacklist=['rain', 'thunderstorm'],
                user_blacklist={'hellokitty':'', 'hellokitty3':''},
                max_like_for_one_tag = 5,
                unfollow_break_min = 15,
                unfollow_break_max = 30,
                log_mod = 0,
Parameter Type Description Default value Example value
login str your instagram username python_god
password str your instagram password python_god_password
like_per_day int how many likes the bot does in 1 day 1000 500
media_max_like int don’t like if media has more than … likes 0 100
media_min_like int don’t like if media has less than … likes 0 5
follow_per_day int how many users to follow in 1 day 0 100
follow_time int how many times passes before the bot unfollows a followed user (sec) 5 * 60 * 60 60 * 60
unfollow_per_day int how many user unfollows the bot does in day 0 100
comments_per_day int how many comments the bot writes in a day 0 50
tag_list list list of tag the bot uses [‘cat’, ‘car’, ‘dog’] [‘moto’, ‘girl’, ‘python’]
tag_blacklist list list of tags the bot refuses to like [] [‘rain’, ‘thunderstorm’]
user_blacklist dict don’t like posts from certain users {} {‘hellokitty’:“, ‘hellokitty3’:”}
max_like_for_one_tag int bot get 21 media from one tag, how many use by row 5 10
unfollow_break_min int Minimum seconds for unfollow break pause 15 30
unfollow_break_max int Maximum seconds for unfollow break pause 30 60
log_mod int logging mod 0 0 log to console, 1 log to file, 2 no log.
proxy string Access instagram through a proxy server Without authentication: proxy:port, example:, with authentication: user:[email protected]:port, example: user:[email protected]:3128

####2) Set likes and unlike: How many likes set bot in one day. Default value is 1000 likes per 24 hours. If you want to do more than 1000 likes in day - instagram can ban you. Usually this bot is used 247 and it’s default setup to distripute 1000 likes in day evenly. If you want more likes in one moment, set this parameter to 5000 or 10000 or more. Formula: set like with delay = (24 hour * 60 minute * 60 second / like_per_day) ######Be careful, don’t set more than 1000 like in day or you can be banned! Be warned!!


Don’t like media (photo or video) if it have more than media_max_like likes. media_max_like = 0 will ignore this property. If media have too much likes - your like have not feedback. Don’t like media (photo or video) if it have less than media_min_like likes. media_min_like = 0 will ignore this property.


Tag list to like.

tag_list = ['cat', 'car', 'dog']

Like 1 to max_like_for_one_tag times by row.


You can like one tag:


Like 4 times:


Or you can choose auto_mod (like all tags from setting by loop):


For unlike:


####3) Set comments:

bot.comment('media_id', 'comment')

For example:

bot.comment(11111111111111111111, 'Cool!')

####4) Follow and unfollow: Follow:




For example (follow and unfollow user with id 111111111):


####5) Else: Log mod: log_mod=0 log to console, log_mod=1 log to file, log_mod=2 no log.

log_mod = 0

unfollow_break_min / unfollow_break_max: These define the randomly selected amount of time in seconds that it will pause between unfollows on a break. Example:

unfollow_break_min = 15
unfollow_break_max = 30

This will cause a delay of anywhere between 15 to 30 seconds between every unfollow. ####6) Logout from exist session:


Usage examples

Standard use (will like by loop, all default tag):

bot = InstaBot('login', 'password')

Standard use with your tag (will like by loop, all your tag):

bot = InstaBot('login', 'password', tag_list = ['with', 'your', 'tag'])

Standard use with change default settings (you should know what you do!):

bot = InstaBot('login', 'password',
               tag_list = ['like', 'follow', 'girls'],
               log_mod = 1)

Get media_id buy one tag 'python' and like 4 of them:

bot = InstaBot('login', 'password')

How to install and run:

1) Download and install Python to your computer.

2) Install Python lib requests. Run command pip3 install requests if you use Python 3, or type pip install requests if you use Python 2.

3) Download ZIP and extract

4) Modify to your pleasing

5) Run program python3 or python on Mac, Linux or Windows

Tested on:

Windows - Python 3.4 & Python 2.7.11

CentOS - Python 3.4 & Python 2.6

Ubuntu 15.10 wily - Python 3.4.3+ & 2.7.10

MacOS X El Captain 10.11.4 - Python 2.7


The End-User assumes sole responsibility for anything resulting from the use or modification this program. Don’t worry the bot will not : - Like - comment or follow your own account or media - Comment a media already commented

Work with

I rewrote, created by @mgp25 php class, to work with the instagram API. This class give ALL access to instagram (login, post photo/video, comment, follow, get followers and etc.). This class pretends device on android and can work like android APP. In future I will rewrite all this bot to

This class not ready for 100%, but I make most important things and you can work with it.

Work with (does not work after June 1 2016)

If you want to get some user info (follower, following and etc.) Instagram don’t give this info. Class in aggregate this information, from other sites (now only from

How to use:

ui = UserInfo()

Search by user_name (need to get user_id, user_name if you don’t know it):


or if you know user_id use ui.search_user(user_id="50417061"). Your result:


Get user id by username


Get following list with no limit


Get followers list with limit 10:


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