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Window Manager

What is it?

S.A.K-Overlay is the brand new, unique and original Window Manager for Android. A Window Manager, in this sense, is a container which allows the dynamic placement of Widgets to the user’s specifications. While this definition may differ from the conventional meaning, it maintains the central philosophy in mind.

S.A.K-Overlay allows the user to place custom-made Widgets wherever they may please, and is persistent in that they are maintained across user-sessions. S.A.K-Overlay will soon allow the user to create their own custom Widgets via our Drag-and-Drop tools, which will allow the user to create a Widget Layout from scratch to be inflated later. This means you can create your own mini-apps within S.A.K-Overlay without any prior programming experience. Code can be similated through our Callback Generator, which will support operations which effect other user-aligned Widget Views (created inside the Widget Layout), or even effect Widgets outside of the Widget Layout (I.E, pre-made Widgets, or launching another app). This feature is far off from completion, but is steadily getting there,and will be one of the defining features of this application.

S.A.K-Overlay also will soon allow the user to place homescreen widgets as well, allowing S.A.K-Overlay to act as a second, more portable Homescreen.

To summarize, this will allow the user to align and place (or even Snap) Widgets, either pre-made, user-created, or homescreen, wherever they please. The ability to detach (Remove from central container, add to WindowManager) the Widget from the overlay will also be created soon.

Window Manager


Comes with already created and configured, convenient widgets.

Web Browser
  • Minimal web browser
  • Basic navigation of history
Sticky Note
  • Write notes
  • Persistent
Google Maps
  • Shows current location and address
Screen Recorder
  • Records the screen
  • Can be controlled through a “floating” controller (Play/Stop button)

Create your own widgets (coming soon) with our Drag-And-Drop tool, which allows you, the user, to create your own Widget. As it is impossible to anticipate everyone’s wants and needs, this feature allows you to make it yourself.

  • Drag and Drop
    • Move and align components of your layout, yourself.
  • Attribute Menu
    • Allows you to manually alter attributes
    • Allows you to create simple callback methods
      • Uses a limited, minimal but simplistic DSL (Domain Specific Language)
      • For example, on a button, you may want it to perform some action when pressed. With our simple Callback editor, it will allow simplistic actions based on predefined but user-aligned conditions

End Goal: In the end, I want to make it possible for anyone to import their own XML and .Java files themselves, and vice versa (exporting). To do so, I would transcribe my own DSL into a .Java file, compile it to .Dex, load it with a DexClassLoader, and call the callback methods necessary that way (I.E, onClick). This way, it can replicate the normal Android development way of using XML + .java.


  • Launch multiple Widgets
  • Align multiple Widgets however you want
  • Snap Widgets to both sides and corners of the screen
  • Persistent
  • Application in background remain visible (I.E, overlay is mostly transparent), hence is less likely to be killed by Android.


  • Designed with gaming in mind
  • Originally meant to mimic the Steam overlay, now it will be capable of much more (in the future)


  • When finished, this application will be completely free (with donations appreciated) and open source.

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