MacWallet 0

A very simple and integrated bitcoin wallet based on bitcoinj for mac osx

What is MacWallet


MacWallet is a very easy to use and integrated Bitcoin wallet for Mac OSX. Bitcoinj is used as underlaying bitcoin library. BitcoinjKit is used as java/cocoa framework layer.


  • stable Bitcoin library (bitcoinj). Also used in Multibit and Bitcoin Wallet (Android).
  • native and intuitive user interface
  • fast catchup with the blockchain (just some seconds/minutes)
  • low memory and cpu footprint
  • wallet encryption / decyrption
  • QRCode generation for receiving addresses
  • run script or play sound on incoming payments
  • show user notification on incoming payments


Screenshot 1

More Screenshots


This software is in earyl development. Don’t use it for high value wallets.


Binary releases can be downloaded here:


  • English: Michèle / Jonas Schnelli
  • German: Michèle
  • Portuguese: Filipe M. Oliveira
  • French: Marty Lamoureux

If you like to translate MacWallet or fix typos, have a look at the wiki page


  • OSX 10.7 or later


MacWallet is released under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE for more information or see

Thanks to

  • Mike Hearn (Father of bitcoinj) for support
  • Hive Developers for creating BitcoinJFramework
  • Michèle, Filipe M. Oliveira and Marty Lamoureux for translations
  • Kevin Eichhorn for the Icon

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A very simple and integrated bitcoin wallet based on bitcoinj for mac osx ...

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-   V01 zip tar
-   V0.13_Beta1 zip tar
-   V0.12.1 zip tar
-   V.0.12 zip tar