Dashboard for microservices toolchain micro.

Micro dashboard

Demo GIF of micro dashboard

Micro dashboard is a frontend for the microservices toolchain micro. In its current form, it consumes the API provided by micro’s own web UI. This was mainly an excuse for me to play with redux and webpack. View a live demo here.


  • Registry explorer.
  • Query tool that automatically builds a body based on the endpoint information.


Rather crude setup for now.

  1. Clone this repo.

  2. Install the history package as it is a peer dependency. npm install [email protected]

  3. Install the other dependencies.

    npm install
  4. The dashboard will assume micro/web is running on the same host and on port 8082. If this is not the case, edit the config.

  5. Build the project to the dist directory.

    npm run build
  6. There’s an Express server included to serve the dist assets for web browser.

    node server.js



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