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A curated list of awesome Swift resources and tutorial websites. Feel free to contribute!

Awesome Swift and Tutorial Resources

A curated list of awesome Swift resources and tutorial websites, inspired by awesome-awesomeness.

Feel free to contribute ! And I will update the descriptions in Chinese and English.

Tutorial Resources

Various resources, such as books, videos, websites and articles, for improving your Swift development skills and knowledge.

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Awesome Swift

Demo Apps

  • 2048 - 2048 demo game in swift.
  • Alarm - an alarm app in swift.
  • Chat - chat like app implementation in swift.
  • CloudKit-To-Do-List - a cloudkit based to do list.
  • DesignerNewsApp - simple iOS client for Designer News, by the creator of Design+Code and the team, written in Swift.
  • DeckRocket - deckrocket porting in swift.
  • Edhita - text edit app.
  • Eidolon - The Artsy auction kiosk app.
  • FanFanSwift - a game in swift.
  • firefox-ios - firefox for iOS being developed by Mozilla.
  • Federal Open Data - Get federal Open Data using the Federal Data SDK
  • FlappySwift - flappy bird clone in swift.
  • Gulps - OS app for iOS and apple watch to monitor water consumption.
  • HackerNews - hackernews reader app written in swift.
  • HausClock - chess stile clock app in swift.
  • HomeKitDemo - homekit demo app;
  • iContactU - delivered on Apple Store: reminds you to contact people you ought to.
  • KeychainDemo - keychain sharing between an App and it’s share extension
  • LayerPlayer - explores CALayer and subclasses; written in Swift; also on App Store
  • MyAwesomeChecklist - checklist app in swift.
  • PNChart-Swift - a simple and beautiful chart lib used in Piner and CoinsMan for iOS (Swift Implementation).
  • Pocket Forecast - typhoon weather example
  • ReactiveSwiftFlickrSearch - an MVVM & ReactiveCocoa Flickr search app in swift.
  • Round & Split - a tip calculator in swift.
  • SwiftFlickrApp - flickr app written in swift.
  • Swift - Game of Life - Conway’s game of life written in Swift with SpriteKit.
  • SwiftHN - hacker news app in swift.
  • SwiftNote - a simple note taking app with today widget and iCloud syncing.
  • SwiftSingleton - an exploration of the Singleton pattern in Swift
  • SwiftWeather - a nice weather app written in swift.
  • TextEthan - a clone of TextEthan, a messaging app that allows anyone to message you
  • Task - a task app written in Swift that is published in the app store.
  • The Oakland Post - a full-fledged, 100%-Swift (minus dependencies) news reader.
  • Valio - event time table app in swift.
  • Walk Tracker - GPS Walk Tracking app with Core Data




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A curated list of awesome Swift resources and tutorial websites. Feel free to contribute! ...

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