A working Solr plugin for Dokku

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Solr plugin for Dokku



cd /var/lib/dokku/plugins
git clone solr
dokku plugins-install

This plugin also requires the dokku-link plugin to be installed:

It uses the excellent solr docker image by makuk66


$ dokku help
     solr:create <app>            Create a Solr container
     solr:delete <app>            Delete specified Solr container
     solr:info <app>              Display container informations
     solr:link <app> <container>  Link an app to a Solr container
     solr:logs <app>              Display last logs from Solr container

Simple usage

Create a new Container:

$ dokku solr:create foo            # Server side
$ ssh [email protected] solr:create foo # Client side

-----> Solr container created: solr/foo

       Private ports: 9200, 9300

Advanced usage

Deleting containers:

dokku solr:delete foo

Linking an app to a specific container:

dokku solr:link foo bar

Solr logs (per container):

dokku solr:logs foo

Solr information:

dokku solr:info foo

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