App Dev on Xbox event and blog repository

2 years after

App Dev on Xbox

This is the App Dev on Xbox event and blog repository for demos and sample apps. Visit the App Dev on Xbox landing page to watch the video recordings from the live event, read the blog posts, or just to check out all the resources.

Each sample app lives on a separate branch in this repository. As more sample apps are added, we will add more branches. You can either clone the entire repo to get all samples or download one by one by clicking the button in the top right corner for each branch. This is the current list of sample apps:

  • Fourth Coffee - a UWP news application [ code | blog ]
  • Atmosphere - a UWP weather application built with Unity [ code | blog ]
  • Backdrop - a UWP (and tvOS) music application with background audio [ code | blog ]
  • South Ridge Video - a UWP Hosted Web App for video playback [ code | blog ]
  • Best For You - a UWP IoT application [ code | blog ]
  • Adventure Works (camera) - a UWP application for image capture and analysis [ code | blog ]

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