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Mobius: C# API for Spark

Mobius provides C# language binding to Apache Spark enabling the implementation of Spark driver program and data processing operations in the languages supported in the .NET framework like C# or F#.

For example, the word count sample in Apache Spark can be implemented in C# as follows :

var lines = sparkContext.TextFile(@"hdfs://path/to/input.txt");  
var words = lines.FlatMap(s => s.Split(' '));
var wordCounts = words.Map(w => new KeyValuePair<string, int>(w.Trim(), 1))  
                      .ReduceByKey((x, y) => x + y);  
var wordCountCollection = wordCounts.Collect();  

A simple DataFrame application using TempTable may look like the following:

var reqDataFrame = sqlContext.TextFile(@"hdfs://path/to/requests.csv");
var metricDataFrame = sqlContext.TextFile(@"hdfs://path/to/metrics.csv");
// C0 - guid in requests DataFrame, C3 - guid in metrics DataFrame  
var joinDataFrame = GetSqlContext().Sql(  
    "SELECT joinedtable.datacenter" +
         ", MAX(joinedtable.latency) maxlatency" +
         ", AVG(joinedtable.latency) avglatency " +
    "FROM (" +
       "SELECT a.C1 as datacenter, b.C6 as latency " +  
       "FROM requests a JOIN metrics b ON a.C0  = b.C3) joinedtable " +   
    "GROUP BY datacenter");

A simple DataFrame application using DataFrame DSL may look like the following:

// C0 - guid, C1 - datacenter
var reqDataFrame = sqlContext.TextFile(@"hdfs://path/to/requests.csv")  
                             .Select("C0", "C1");    
// C3 - guid, C6 - latency   
var metricDataFrame = sqlContext.TextFile(@"hdfs://path/to/metrics.csv", ",", false, true)
                                .Select("C3", "C6"); //override delimiter, hasHeader & inferSchema
var joinDataFrame = reqDataFrame.Join(metricDataFrame, reqDataFrame["C0"] == metricDataFrame["C3"])
var maxLatencyByDcDataFrame = joinDataFrame.Agg(new Dictionary<string, string> { { "C6", "max" } });

A simple Spark Streaming application that processes messages from Kafka using C# may be implemented using the following code:

StreamingContext sparkStreamingContext = StreamingContext.GetOrCreate(checkpointPath, () =>
      var ssc = new StreamingContext(sparkContext, slideDurationInMillis);
      var stream = KafkaUtils.CreateDirectStream(ssc, topicList, kafkaParams, perTopicPartitionKafkaOffsets);
      //message format: [timestamp],[loglevel],[logmessage]
      var countByLogLevelAndTime = stream
                                    .Map(kvp => Encoding.UTF8.GetString(kvp.Value))
                                    .Filter(line => line.Contains(","))
                                    .Map(line => line.Split(','))
                                    .Map(columns => new KeyValuePair<string, int>(
                                                          string.Format("{0},{1}", columns[0], columns[1]), 1))
                                    .ReduceByKeyAndWindow((x, y) => x + y, (x, y) => x - y,
                                                          windowDurationInSecs, slideDurationInSecs, 3)
                                    .Map(logLevelCountPair => string.Format("{0},{1}",
                                                          logLevelCountPair.Key, logLevelCountPair.Value));
      countByLogLevelAndTime.ForeachRDD(countByLogLevel =>
          foreach (var logCount in countByLogLevel.Collect())
      return ssc;

For more code samples, refer to Mobius\examples directory or Mobius\csharp\Samples directory.

API Documentation

Refer to Mobius C# API documentation for the list of Spark’s data processing operations supported in Mobius.

API Usage

Mobius API usage samples are available at:

  • Examples folder which contains standalone C# and F# projects that can be used as templates to start developing Mobius applications

  • Samples project which uses a comprehensive set of Mobius APIs to implement samples that are also used for functional validation of APIs

  • Mobius performance test scenarios implemented in C# and Scala for side by side comparison of Spark driver code


Refer to the docs folder for design overview and other info on Mobius

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Supported Spark Versions

Mobius is built and tested with Apache Spark 1.4.1, 1.5.2, 1.6.* and 2.0.


Mobius releases are available at References needed to build C# Spark driver applicaiton using Mobius are also available in NuGet

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Refer to for the details on versioning policy and the contents of the release.



Mobius is licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for full license information.


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Code of Conduct

This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact [email protected] with any additional questions or comments.

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